Friday, January 09, 2009

How to deal with Failure and Dissappointment

The parts and parcel of life is a diverse of so many circumstances that we must go through. It is all up to us in how to deal with it. One of this is failure. A man cannot be firm of his goal without stumbling down for once but once he experience pain, defeat and failure surely he learns to fight, and be the best that he can be.
One must feel the bitterness of failure to be able to savor the sweetness of success. Just for instance when a person fails to pass in a very crucial exam normally this person feels disappointed and discouraged. The thing is he needs to pass the test but fails it. This person needs to stand up and pick up the broken pieces again for him to build up himself and stands where falls. He needs to pull himself up and move forward to avoid that failure he commits. He needs to work out for his mistakes and make it right.
Failure is a part of life. Without failure, there would be no challenge. Through failure people are more determine to reach their goals and it makes one more strong and powerful.
Naturally when we experience failure, we feel disappointed with it especially when this thing really means something to us. There are two ways in how to deal with failure it is either to make it as a stepping stone for our success or a way for us to stay stagnant throughout our life blaming and feeling disappointed of the failure we commit.

To avoid disappointment when we experience failure, we must accept the failure that we commit, second there must be a way for us to divert that disappointment into a challenge or turn it into a positive outcome, third we must transcend from the situation and see what is to be done to avoid failure the next time and lastly we must always bear in mind that failure doesn’t makes us a lesser person as we are, nobody is perfect and that there are reasons that we need to consider why we fail and the aim is not to do the things that made us fail. We must learn from our mistake and what is important is that we try and we bravely face the challenge.
Disappointment leads us to destroy and poison our mind that could result to hate and lose hope to succeed and dwelling repeatedly to the failure that we commit. Failure teaches us to be humble and when one accepts defeat and failure, it means that we are practicing the virtue of humility.

I love to read Harry Potter books. It taught me a lot of things in life. It is really fascinating and thrilling .


The storm in our life is actually part of us. It is a way for us to grow and be the better person that we should be. In my personal experience i realize that experiencing pain is not actually from the very moment that you feel it but it is when you try to pick up the broken pieces and to start a new life. What is really hard is how we can face another day and move on and transcend to the pain we are feeling.


I didn't expect it will come my way. I'm so surprise why i have to feel this way. It's hard to breath and i got to struggle for me to breath but i guess this cold falls in love with me because no matter how i get rid with it, It is still there. wish i could eliminate it, destroy it and pass away but it stays in me. i hope I'll be well soon.

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