Sunday, May 31, 2009


Honestly, I've been bothered of my financial crisis but all I always think is that I could get over this. No threat to those who are reading this article I won't loan or borrow money from all of you. hehehe Today I really see to it that I'm going to hear mass after all my preparation for tomorrow. I'm ready now thanks to my father he let me borrow money. I was able to actually bought the things I needed in my room. When I went out to church a heavy rain poured out from the sky. I was really soaking wet. What's embarrassing I pass through the road where busy jeepneys passed by lucky me I'm still alive. I realized then that what I did was too far dangerous if I was being hit by vehicle. I'm home now thanks to God I'm safe. (Nagbaha gyud sa Gaisano as in)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ballet Recital

I watched the ballet recital of the School of the Arts for Ballet and Modern Dance held in Rhodelza Hall in Liceo De Cagayan University. I really did enjoy the show it was really fun. The students danced well I really appreciate them all. I suddenly remembered when I was in grade 5 when I joined ballet classes. It was memorable the memories was still vivid in my mind. Sad to say I wasn't able to finish and have my recital because I stopped due to some reasons that I can't control. It's ok I still dance well today. My knowledge and skill in dancing improved when I joined ballet and until now I still have that groove and moves which I only show when I needed to have a dance number in parties and presentation in school. I love dancing If ever I got to chance to have a new career maybe I'll teach kids how to dance pretty sad because the mind is willing but the body is not. I need to be extra careful so that I won't have my asthma attack after the dance. keep on dancing and enjoy try it. (",)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cool School

Summer is really over. I need to really prepare for my new mission. I'm not ready but I'm preparing for it. I wish that everything will turn out fine this coming monday. It's the first day of school June 1. I couldn't remember in my childhood days that we have our first day of class in June 1st. I wonder why it is so early. I'm just actually refusing the fact that I'm back to school. Anyway, my classroom is ready, the garden is ready and even the comfort rooms are already clean. I might as well prepare for my topics and discussion for monday. See you around

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fighting For Ones Right

People who are in the bigger positions in a company, institution or simply in an organization is always the last to decide whatever it is to be decided in a certain situation. A great leader must be fair, just, hardworking, honest, faithful, humble, has deeper sense of endurance, has moral values, responsible and understanding. Great leaders are serve as guiding light to all it's members. Therefore they must be role models in the organization. One of the most important thing he must practice is to have justice. Justice must always be prevail. In everything he does and decide there must be justice to it. But some leaders are corrupt they are taking advantage to their own interest, step on somebody's right and selfish in deciding some matters that needs to be discussed in a fair way. playing favorites and oppressing those who are their less favorite. I'm telling you all that If you felt your right is violated and you are being abused. Fight for it. You have the right to fight for your right. Doing this means that we are able to be agents of change. Changing the bad practice and making it right. I wish our future leaders are not like this and even worst when they become crabs to their co-workers. I hope that this does not happen in a real sense I hope its just in my imagination.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Speech

Imagine that I'm going to deliver my speech in a large crowd with a well decorated huge stage. here I go saying .... Good day to all of you. Today is the happiest day of my life. The moment that I have been waiting for. Yes! today is indeed a memorable one. After going through a lot of adversity, finally I have already pass my comprehensive exam. Yehey, the long wait is over. I already have won the fight. I fought a good battle. I've been through difficulties before I pass this exam. Last 2007, I failed to pass the 2 subjects out of the 10. I was almost devasted but I realized that everything happens for a reason and a purpose. I learned a lot of things from it. It taught me how to be strong, it taught me how to endure pain, it taught me how to have a strong faith and trust in God, it taught me how to accept defeat, it taught me how to love myself, and most of all it taught me how to be humble. It made me a better person inside me. It is life changing experience and turning point in my life. Before I couldn't imagine what life would be but I have survived it all. Now, I'm totally free from fear, worries and anxiety. I can sleep well. It is a new beginning that I have to face. Words are not enough to thank those people who encouraged, supported, and inspire me to win this battle. Thank you and God bless to my professors Saturnina B. Absin, Ph.D. and Lourdes G. Tolod, Ph.D who gave me the chance to pass the exam. To my parents nanay Letty and tatay Maeng who are there to support me and believe in me, My siblings Manang Pinky, Ate Lilet, Manding Mopsy, Nong Ian and Manay Tata for words of encouragement, To my Brother in law Petiak who help me in my statistics , To my aunt and uncle Tita Bella and Tito Liling who are always praying for me. To my cousins Honey, Manang Chic-Chic, Ate Dingcle, Ate Ann, Nong Bogs, Jun2x and Ronex, To my tita happy and tita coreen and auntie neneng. To my friends Ate Amy, Ate Joy,Donna, Leigh, Judson, Sowaira, Mary Lynne, Vanessa, Ate Janine, Rico and Delia. To maam Judith and Maam Micmic. A million thanks to all of you. Those people who help me in anyway to pass this exam.It feels like I'm in heaven. I know this is just the beginning of a new start. Welcome Thesis Proposal and Final Defense. (",)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Loving Oneself

It's quite alarming to know that some people expect a lot from me. I felt so surprised and disappointed when I failed to reach their expectation. A friend of mine told me I'm not here to please anybody anyway and If i fail and succeed I should accept it what's important is that I did my best and I did not hurt nor step on other people's right. If people really love me they will accept me of who I am and what have become and accept my shortcomings. If they don't like me then I won't force others to like me back. Again what matters is that I'm true to them and I show them the real me. My happiness should not depend on what others would think and feel but rather I should be happy because I chose to be happy, I follow my heart not of what others dictate and expect of me but I follow my heart because I know what is right and good for me and that I love other people not because I like them but because I love myself more. I can't love them anyway if i don't love myself. (",)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Each and everyone of us has our own fear. It is all up to us in how we are going to overcome that fear. There are reason behind every fear we have but if we transcend from that fear and think that we are bigger than our fear. Surely we could overcome that fear easily but I'm sure that it takes time and gradual adjustment in overcoming ones fear and it will then involve how great is our faith in God. Honestly I fear to face my plight right now. taking that exam that really have change my life when I failed to pass it and now that I have retake it the more that I have fear in me. I've been experiencing a lot of truma in me but luckily I have survived and for this I hope I'll get over this. I'm not giving up but I'm ready to face whatever is the outcome of the exam. I still have faith that I'm going to pass the exam, hoping and wishing that this will be over.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goodbye summer

This is my last day of vacation. I don't want to kiss summer goodbye but I got no choice but to accept the fact that summer is over. I'm happy because this summer is one of the most memorable summer I ever had in my life. Looking back I really did enjoy this summer thanks to my sister ate lilet and family and Mand mopsy i really did have a great time.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanted Heroes

I remember a line from a song that goes this way. everybodys searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to. I wonder who most of us look up to. Would it be our parents? Perhaps our siblings, teacher, grandparents or maybe our crush, popstars and rockers ? or would it be someone greater than us-God? I really don't have any idea but whoever we look up to that means that this person means a lot to us and a model to our life. We have our own choices and we have our own life to shape and live with. These people we look up to are only our inspiration to live our lives to the fullest. Choosing the person we look up to must be someone who is worthy and deserving. We are in charge of our own lives. We are the captain of our ship. We are the director of our own soap opera. then We must know how to live our lives well. Having a good role models that we look up in our lives serves as a guiding light for us to live our lives in a right way. I'm ending this by asking you. Who is the person you look up to you?

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Message To God (",)

Lord thanks for everything. I know that you know what i'm going through and what I have been through and yet you never left me eversince I was a kid. You are the ultimate One that I always cling to. I'm happy that You taught me how to be patient, You taught me how to love, how to endure pain, how to accept defeat, how to be humble , how to forgive and how to share. I'm sorry if at so many times I have a lot of shortcomings to You ,yet You always forgive and give me many chances to go back into your arms. You already knew my ultimate dream but sad to say I wasn't able to be the person I wanted to be I know that everything happens for a reason and from where I am today I know that you are the one who brought me here, place me here to fulfill a mission and be one of the agents for change and all of me is always a part of you. God without You I'm nothing and without You I'm sure I won't be surviving in all the adversities and all the storms in life. I love you and I hope that you will be always be with me forever.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Generation

I wonder what happen to the world now. It seems that we have gone to far that almost everything has change. From fashion, relationship, gender and practice there seems to be a lot of difference that I could see around. What really bothers me now is that many young children are committing suicide. I wonder why suicide is just an easy thing for young kids to do. there are a lot of factors and causes why they commit suicide but I don't think that It is a solution to the problem. I don't think it is worth it. Life is beautiful bad things might happen and problems may come and go but suicide is not a reason enough to stop living. What young generation lack this time is endurance to endure pain, courage to face the problem and humility to accept failures. We all need to do something on this because this no big joke this is something to reflect on. For the young kids, if you have problems let your parents know about it, don't lose hope,be strong, pray and have faith in God. You are not alone. For parents guide, love and understand your children you have to let them feel that whatever happens you will always be there for them no matter what and for me as a teacher, I got to instill in my pupils that they must value life and give importance to it. Never give up the fight we might fail and experience trials in life but there are a lot of positive options to deal with it and solve the problem. Seek help, help yourself and Trust in God.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to school

There are few more days to go and I'm back to school. I got to get myself ready for this new batch. I got to set new rules and regulation inside the classroom and practice it till the last day of class. I wonder who are my kids? I just have their names and only a few of them showed up. I just wish they are good, responsible, obedient and diligent pupils. I hope that this year will be a memorable year for me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Ate Amy gave this tag to me. Thanks ate Amy and God bless you always. This tag inspires me to post more and share my thoughts .

I'm tagging:Vicky's Random thoughts,Forex reviews, mom's place, Anita Baiq, sparks of wisdom, Pinoy technology, life is beautifull, all about communication stuff, perpektib, penpusher,
Nuranuranika, 11 pips, donadzku,, heavenly delight, the july 15th

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friendship Chain

Got another tag from Ate Amy thanks ate amy. I Wish you all the luck, riches and happiness in the world. You are the best.
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I'm tagging:
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Interesting blog

Thank you Ate Amy for this tag. Thanks also for the encouragement and inspiration for me to share my thoughts here in the blog I appreciated that a lot.

I'm tagging:
Vicky's Random thoughts,Forex reviews, mom's place, Anita Baiq, sparks of wisdom, Pinoy technology, life is beautifull, all about communication stuff, perpektib, penpusher,
Nuranuranika, 11 pips, donadzku,, heavenly delight, the july 15th

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back to Normal

Today is Brigada Eskwela I refuse to believe that yet when I saw the news it's really Brigada Eskwela today that is nationwide. Our Grade leader texted me yesterday telling me to report to school for the Brigada Eskwela and for a meeting with our principal. I'm back to school. Fix everything and clean up the mess. Have our one half day meeting for the enrolment. Plan for enrolment procedures and posting names for pupils for this school year. I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm ready because i still wanted to have my vacation hehehe anyway that is life. I got to get ready for a new bunch of kids for this school year. I'm hoping this batch is good and intelligent. As always every year I always got the most energetic pupils in the whole campus. It's a challenge that I have to take anyway every year what's new?, maybe new strategies in discipline styles, new technique in classroom management and new methods in teaching. I got a tough job in here. I'll make sure to have that new stuffs for my kids. I'm positive about that. I'm praying that I'll do my best this school year.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My exams are finally over i hope i pass it already. It's been ten years and I'm still stuck in school my classmates are Ph.D. students now and here I am still struggling to finish MA. Anyway it's not a race, the school will not melt down or perhaps I won't be going out of the country I will stay until I finish this. What I really learned from my plight was that it taught me humilty, patience, endurance and determination I lack a lot of those. Now, I'm even more stronger than before and I can endure whatever hardships in life that comes my way. I won't be shaken now because I know what I want and what I need. All I need to do is to pursue what I really want, what I truly love to do and be more positive in all the things that I want to achieve. Life is too short to be wasted I've wasted almost half of my life wandering around in circles and thinking only all those sad and nonsense past anyway I've moved on now. The only advice that i could give is that Go! don't sulk yourself in the corner and do nothing there is a lot to be done in life. Reach for your dreams. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Angels Do Exist

Angels are found everywhere you might see one without wings but they are actually there disguised as a human being. I do believe in angels I don't see them but I know anyone could be an angel to anybody. It could be your mother, father, relative, friend and even a stranger could be an angel too. It depends on the situation that you are in. if you need help, guidance, protection and care just pray to your angel I know that anytime an angel will be there for you. There are a lot of instances in my life that I encountered different angels. They are a blessing to me. They help me in many ways. I hope you too could find and know your angels.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Plan for tomorrow (",)

I'm going to wake up early tomorrow. I'll go to school as early as possible. I'll look for my room and be the first to get in the room for my exam. This is my battle anyway nobody will answer my test paper except me. hehehe I got to be sure that I will get a perfect score in statistics and school legislation. I'm determined and sure that I wanted to finish my Masters and graduate this March 2010. I'm aiming for an A+ grade. Aim high carms. God will help me. I'm sure he will.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for. I can't wait for tomorrow. basta excited nako hehehe. I'm praying that tomorrow will be sunny day but not as hot as usual.

Summer Heat

It's so hot in here. My fat is melting. It feels like I'm sitting beside the sun. Times like this i wish to have a vacation in the north pole. I think of things that makes me feel cool. Ice, ice cream, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, malls and halo-halo and lots of thing that is cold. I miss the cold breeze of the air. I Wish summer is over yet I have no choice but to seize the moment. The thing that i should be thankful are there is no mud on the ground, my wet clothes are going to dry fast, I got to enjoy outdoor activities and I got to go places with dry shoes. hehehe summer was used to be a lot of fun when I was kid as i've grown up i got to say before, I don't notice the summer heat but now i got to complain how hot summer is. I just got to enjoy summer this time it's the only time I have my 2 months vacation from work . Thanks April and May it's the time to enjoy the hot summer fever.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm so Excited

After two years at last I got to finally have the guts to take my retakes in Statistics and school legislation. I'm always prolonging the agony. Now, I'm putting an end to my unfinished business. Yes My goal is to graduate in March 2010. I'm clear and sure about that. I'm going to finish and graduate in March 2010. I'll do everything with no work distractions. I'm strong now to face the challenge. I know I got something in here but I'm just too coward before to try and I don't know what i really want that's why I always postponed this comprehensive exam. No guts no glory. hehehe I'm ready now. Wish me luck

My Favorite Cartoon Character

Sometimes I wish I am tiger because he is always happy, positive and jolly. He is a good friend who always find ways to help his friends.


One of my favorite Disney movie "Finding Nemo".

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Camiguin Wonders

This is the old church destroyed by the volcanic eruption in Camiguin Island. Today a small chapel was build inside this old church. take a look at this picture the walls are already full of plant roots.

View from Paras Beach resort Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls the water was so cold and clear. It is surrounded with trees and plants of different kinds

Mountain View from the White Island. This mountain looks like a pregnant woman who is lying down with her big tummy. Have a closer look at this. Enjoy

Camiguin Escapade

Me and darl in Camiguin. this picture was taken in Ardent spring.
With iggy, tweet and darl in Camiguin Island

Our trip going to Camiguin still it's my first visit to the Island hehehhe

Falls in Camiguin Island. this falls is really cool and awesome

Ocean Park with my cousin honey

this is me and my cousin honey we are actually viewing a huge aquarium in the Ocean Park with the different kinds of fishes swimming in it big and small.

She is like a transformed mermaid to human wishing to go back into the ocean hehehe


These Photos are taken from Ocean Park Manila. if you got the chance to visit the Philippines do visit the Ocean Park Manila. it was really nice and enchanting.

Ocean Park Manila


This picture was taken when i have my first visit in the capital of the Philippines. After 29 years of my life I have finally visited Manila. This is the Ocean Park Manila. I'm with my sister Ate lilet (in the center) and Manding Mopsy we all have a great time together with our cousin honey.

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