Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ok lang ako - Parokya ni Edgar (Crazy Little thing called Love)

Dreams do come true just believe in it and reach for the stars.

Parokya ni Edgar- "Pangarap Lang kita feat. Happy Sy" [Official Music Vi...

Dreams do come true just believe in it and reach for the stars.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

YES I'm Done with my Final Defense

I'm back here. I wish I could be blogging again. I'm just so happy that I'm done with my final defense I'm fixing my book for my final revision. I'm so thankful that finally I'm done with it. I won't be able to have make it without God and the significant people in my life. I would like to thank my family who were very supportive to me, my relatives , my friends, my Single for Christ sister and brothers, my co-teachers, and to my special kids in my life my pupils. Life has to go on to find new path after graduation. I don't know which path to choose but I'm on my way in finding it. Wish me luck. (",)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm so tired already but I just couldn't figure it out why I still have the strength to go on and move on with life. Maybe because God wills that I have to stay strong in spite of all the things I'm going through right now. I still wish people is going to stop hurting me. I'm tired of being affected with all these people. I should not be listening to them but they keep on bothering me now for months. I'm hopeful that they are going to stop it and starting to accept everything. I hope not too soon. Just got to go with the flow and just be it. I just got to continue to smile and let things be. I hope I could still endure all things I'm going through right now. i know I'm not alone and God is here for me. I just hated when people is measuring and testing my patience otherwise I could be just doing the things they want me to do. I promise myself not to do it and that is to fight back or lose my temper. I just got to stay in control and just doing everything the best that I could. As long as I'm not hurting and stepping on others rights I continue to move on and fulfill my mission. Life has to go on no matter what happens

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This school year is the most challenging year for me. For the fact that I have a new set of pupils from a fast learner 2 class. I don't want to handle such group but I was given the task to handle them. I'm kinda bit pressured since people in school have a lot of expectation from me. I'm so scared honestly because I might fail their expectation but as time and days went by I realized that I should not be scared or worried about it as long as I'm doing my job, I'm doing my best as a teacher and I didn't hurt anybody or step on their people's right I should not be shaken then. I got hurt when they speak something that would hurt my feelings, but that is their opinion I should respect their opinion otherwise I would die of heart attack or cancer perhaps. I just got to do my job and do it perfectly as it should be. I'm just human I got hurt and I commit mistakes. I just hope that people would stop talking and judging me as if they are gods. I know myself.I know what I'm doing and in everything that I do there is a purpose and reason. I hope that these people would realize that what they are doing to me is wrong. It's ok I just got to forgive them and just take everything they say as a challenge for me to do better, to stand out from the rest, and to be the best teacher there is. Have a happy day my friend. (",)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Chapter

It's been a long time since I was sharing my thoughts here. I got so busy because of my thesis. I'm finally done with my thesis proposal defense I'm looking forward in finishing my thesis this semester. Please do pray for my final defense and hopefully graduate this March 2012. I'm so thankful of the blessings that God has given to me. I hope that whatever happens I could surpass everything and be the best that I could. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Awesome Reflection

Hi everyone. I'm back how are u my friend? I'm so filled with a lot of wisdom today I learned about the death of Jesus. Jesus suffer because of His decision to love us and We are not save because of His sufferings and pain but we are save because of His great love for us. If people suffer it's because we choose to love but what is important is not the pain and suffering that we experience but the intensity of love that give. There are three things we need to put in mind and do first is to get closer to God, believe in Him and to always communicate with Him, second is to hold on to God to never give up on life and third is to hold on tight that as if we only depend on Him. Have faith in Him my friend because He will never leave us alone and He will never allow us to carry our cross if we cannot bear it. Every pain and sufferings we experience has a purpose. These will help us to become a better person and to make us more stronger to face life's challenges. Have a blessed day my friend (",)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reflection of the Day

I wanted to feel happy but its just that I can't find the feeling to be happy. I feel so empty just wanted to sleep and do nothing at all. It's the first day of the month and the sun is not showing up here. It makes me more lazy and gloomy. School is fine today it's just that I'm also aware that I feel like there is something missing in it. I need to give more effort and give my very best because I knew I could still do more maybe I'm just so tired of what I have been through. I realized that I'm always thinking of myself I failed to think of others and I failed to think of the people around me who cares for me and who will always be there to support me. I've been selfish all these time. I need to pull up myself and stop that habit or else I will lose everything that I got and I'll be letting go of the things that I'm holding onto now. I got to change my ways and start to live a new life. I should feel happy, contented and secure. I guess I need a lot of fixing and have that emotional make over too. I hope I could do it. I will try hard for it. Wish me luck. Have a nice day my friend. (",$

Monday, January 31, 2011


It was a rainy day today. I never saw the sun and until this very moment the rain is still pouring down from the sky. I got somehow a not so good day today but I have just resolve a very crucial issue in school. Quite tiring and draining but that's the way it should be. I'm glad it's over now I hope that it never happen ever again. I know that it is God's plan and I hope everything will be fine now. I wonder if there is a low pressure area here in our place. I hope the rainy will stop tomorrow I just miss the sun. Life has to go on no matter what. Have a blessed day my friend.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worrying is No Good

Just imagine how we look like when something is bothering us inside. When we worry we put all ourselves into a difficult situation. Our body will be affected and our moods as well as our relationship with others. Worry can make one sick, it can waste our energy and make us stagnant. I've been fighting to stop worrying yet when that terrible phenomenon happens in me, I got so shaken,confused and upset. I just got to put my trust in God. Everything happens for a reason and He is in charge of everything. I have nothing to do but to keep on believing that things will get better soon. I wish someone could give me a happy pill that would lift my spirit but I just got to go with the flow because when things happens it happens and I must got to co-operate with the inevitable. Accept the thing that happened then to courageously face the reality and to just let it go like it never happened at all. Have a worry-free weekend friend.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Trust in God

I don't know how to describe my feelings but I don't have plans to figure it out anyway. Feels like everything is falling apart but I don't have to worry no more what happens, happens. My cousin honey once said that we can't change the past but we can ruin the present by worrying about the future. I just got to think of the worst things that might happen and accept the consequences I have to give it up to God. He is in charge of everything. I need to just let things be. Just got to put all my trust on Him. There is no need for me to be afraid of what will happen otherwise I'll end up six feet under hehehe. I just have to blow it in the wind. Every rain has a rainbow and every pain there is a time to heal. My head aches too much if I think a lot. I better think of happy thoughts that will divert myself from thinking of the bad things that is happening right now. I never give up on life no matter what. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Notice My Article For September

Last September 8, I was already sick that time. I could still remember I was brought to the hospital weeks after that. That was September 21, 2010. I really didn't expect that to happen, but i got no choice but to accept the fact that I'm really sick. Eversince then I keep silent and I just let things be. It was so hard yet I was able to recover that fast. It was a three months adjustment to the situation I'm in. From changing of my food choices, taking up medicines and to losing weight was a bit depressing at first but as time goes by, I was able to cope with the things I'm going through but I realized that I have more strength right now than I have before. I'm stronger and even more a fighter than I was before. Things are going smoothly right now problems are still there and adjustments as well. I'm holding on as i always did to the one that is greater than me and that is GOD. I put all my trust in Him and I always bear in my mind that I shall never, ever give up. Have a nice day my friend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Blues

I've been so relax this past two weeks since there is no tutorial sessions last two Saturdays. This week tutorials is resume. I got to report to school this Saturday. I have no problem going to school but what I'm thinking now is that this week our principal is trying to have her classroom observation. I'm kinda nervous about it but I just got to prepare for it or else I'll end up miserable. I hope not. I'm done with some of my requirements in school as well as updating records. I hope I could finish computing the grades. Life is ok now. I just got to stay positive everyday and do my very best in my work. Have a nice day my friend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Science Process Skills

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've been silent for months still on the process of healing my depression. Good news I already lose weight. I can wear all the clothes that don't fit before. My uniform is already lose and I had the hard time wearing it now. I need to adjust and do repairs. Funny but true I don't eat as much as I eat before. It's been almost four months now since I have eaten chocolates, ice cream and my all time favorite foods. I miss eating a lot but I need to lose more weight for my pneumonia and asthma. I'm tired of going to the hospital and have a four days vacation for my antibiotics. I'm tired also of spending all my money for my medication. I need that money for my thesis and for my final defense soon. I hope I could stay healthy this year and reach my ideal weight. Hopefully Have a nice day my friend

My Ear Surgery

I got my ear tube now in my right ear. The operation went well but I still can't forget how painful it was. Pass is pass anyway It's already done i can't undone what happen I hope I did the right decision. I just realized that is but natural to feel pain because anyway pain is part of life. It's now gone what is important is that I can now hear and my ear is now protected. I got a busy week but I still manage to smile and do my task in school. Hopefully the school building will be done anytime this month. Our schedule will be back to normal. I'm happy if that happens I could extend my time do my remedial session for the slow pupils. I wish to help them.

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