Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes I'm Happy with my work

Our NSTP class area work ended today. It was so sad because it means we are saying goodbye to each other. I remember when I had my skills training for this batch of college students, I was kind of afraid that they might not listen or they might find me boring but I was wrong. They were very enthusiatic and excited for their area work. Indeed they were really good they did well in their tutorial session with the kids but of course difficulties are part of it and through that difficulties they encounter, they were able to learn how to adjust, adapt and experiment new ways how to capture the child's attention. I can relate to that because I teach kids and I work with them. Normally people get tired. Sometimes I am too inspired to do my work and sometimes not. Honestly, I get tired, frustrated and bored with my work I'm just human but I'm proud to say that I'm not giving up because giving up means I'm truly defeated. This is my mission in life and I have to fulfill it. All I can say is that I'm happy with my work. If I'm not I could have just resign, be a always absent even if I'm well and I could have always go to school super late. Everyday I tried hard to do my best for my kids and for the school. I work 6 days a week even if I had a choice just to have that 5 days of work. I recall then when I was working in a bank I really did miss the fun in school. Teaching is not only a profession but it is a vocation. I listed a lot of things that makes me happy but those things that I listed are just things I play, read, and do while I'm not working in school pretty ironic since the things I listed are the things that are not supposed to be brought in school. I make sure to relax and enjoy life to meet the balance. All work without play makes one dull and boring. Have a happy week my friend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

Everybody's dream is to find the real happiness. It is one of our mission in life to search for our happiness. Through this Sweet Badge I have the opportunity to share the things that makes me happy. This Sweet Friends Badge was given to me by Vernz of In This Side of Town. Thank you so much Vernz for this because it reminds me of the things that makes me happy.
Here are the Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

1. My Family/Relatives
2. My Job
3. Friends-True Friends
4. PSP
5. Computer games
6. My favorite food
7. My eyeglasses
8. Books
9. Ballpen Collections
10. Latte Gadget
I'm passing this badge of Happiness to
Have a nice day everyone!

Ms. Bright Side Award

Not So Personal-madz gave me this award. Thank you very much madz for everything. You are one of my new friends here in the blog world. I wish you happiness in the world.

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.

1. books
2. computer
3. popcorn
4. chocolates
5. my old journals
6. PSP/computer games
7. Latte gadget
8. My Ballpens
9. Pizza

2. Give top 5 Trivia About Yourself

1. I'm SISA single and satisfied/NBSB no boyfriend since birth-endangered specie
2. I'm cute and chubby known as the baby in the group (innocent in tagalog tanga hahaha)
3. I love to read, sleep, eat and write anything I like.
4. I love to work with kids.
5. I'm a good cook, I love to play the guitar and My greatest dream is to work as a street educator someday.

3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing :)Now, I am passing/sharing this to:

Ate Amy
Gab's Mom

4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got dizzy thinking....

Hi it's been a week. I'm so busy doing a lot of things in school. I'm ok yet tired. My nieces got sick. I also got sick but feels like it's a natural thing in me whenever I get sick I'm already numb and capable of enduring the pain I'm feeling inside. I don't entertain the pain that I'm feeling I always put in mind that it's only in the mind. Kids get so excited for summer vacation they are trying to be so relaxed in their studies. I'm trying to be a little bit firm but kind to them right now in order that they will get good grades in the fourth quarter. I think it is working. I got to pray harder and think positive about it. I'm not giving up that some of these kids will grow up and be mature enough to be responsible in their studies. I wanted them to change their attitude to become better individuals in our society. I know change is difficult but I know maybe not tomorrow but someday these kids will realized the true importance of Education in their lives and they will find the true path they should take. I wish that they will not be lost in the end. Let them decide the right decisions and teach them to choose the best choices in life. I always have a thought about this, each and every one of us are all lucky in this world, it is in our decisions and choices in life makes us hits the jackpot. We are the writer of our own story, the captain of our ship and the one who holds our life. God has given us the freedom to choose but we must always remember our limitations. We must make good decisions and best choices in life and most importantly use our freedom correctly. My kids will soon be grown up I hope they will learn everything about life.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is

Yesterday was Hearts Day. My nanay and tatay had their yearly date. Me, I stayed at home and sleep all day. I was preparing also for the New Year. I stayed up late watching fireworks and just listening to some fire crackers. Some of my friends greeted me Happy Valentines Day. This made me think of some things about love. Love is a strong and a powerful thing in this world. It could hurt us, it can make us happy and above all it makes things possible no matter what. In love there is no impossible. If you have a little love in your heart be grateful because that love will save you someday but if you don't love at all in your heart it only indicates that one will become miserably unlucky in this world. Keep on loving and never get tired to give love. The more love you give the more blessings you will receive. Stay in love forever.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm here again

I've been keeping my thoughts for days now. We are adjusting to our new madam in school. She is kind a bit different from our former madam. She radiates her energy to us enormously. New changes are quite difficult to follow. It's hard but I think I like her style. She does challenges me to do my work on time and inspires me to go to school everyday even if I'm sick. I'm not winning her heart nor making myself notice at. I just wanted to do things right even if I'm already tired. I'm almost giving up. I'm still here and I have to continue my mission and fulfill my visions in life as a teacher. When the time is finally over then I could make my decisions and make it into reality. If my calling is really for teaching then I will pursue it no matter what. This is a dream come true to me. This my life now. I know quitting is not a best option. I must face my plight or else I'll keep running way from the things that I don't want to resolve and end up being a loser and someday these things will haunt me if I will allow myself to quit and waste everything I have worked for. I know regrets will always comes at the end. Before it's late, I make sure that I have enough power ups and energy to go on- prayers and faith in God is my weapon. Have a nice day my friend.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tired Feeling

I feel so tired I don't know why to think that I didn't really do much today. The kids are naturally and normally playful as always. I don't like that I idea but its just the way they are. There are some things that I wanted to change but it's just not beyond my power. I just got to live with it or else I'm going to say goodbye to this noble job of mine. I got to stay focus on my job and do good with it. Trials, difficulties and obstacles are always a part of it. Sometimes I wanted to give up but I don't know what keeps me going. There is just something that keeps holding me back and controlling me to never ever give up. I hope I still could endure that difficulty and sacrifices I'm going through right now. As long as I'm still having that something I need to hold on to it and never ever letting go of it. God is not sleeping. I know He is always here in my side. Have a nice day my friend.

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