Friday, November 27, 2009

The Sun is Back

In the past few days my favorite song was..... Oh Mister Sun, Sun mister golden sun please shine down on me these little children are asking you to please come out and play with you Oh mister sun, sun please shine down, please shine down on me. Finally the sun heard my plea. It did finally showed up to me. There is no more mud, the water flowed and all dried up. I wish it won't rain that hard anymore. Now I could go anywhere, do whatever I want and have no worries in catching colds and cough. I still like rainy days but still I'm going to be happy when there is the sun. It radiates its energy in me that makes me more active and alive.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Non-stop Rain

It rained so hard today our division declared a no class day. It was really a very wet, muddy and cool day here in CDO. I only got two kids in the class and the rest of the kids are from the other section. They join my class because their teacher is not yet around. I have fun teaching them again but I just did it in a few hours then their teacher arrived in a little while. In the afternoon we have no class but we stayed in school to practice our precious dance. I hope I could master all the dance steps I've learned today. The rain continues to pour until 11:00pm I wish it won't rain anymore tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rain II

The rain did not stop. I wish that it stops falling now. The miracle really did happen. My kids were almost present today. I wonder why they ever went to school with an unstoppable rain. I'm happy to see them. We did a lot of things but I miss those who are not around. I wonder why mother nature pours too much rain today I've heard there is a typhoon somewhere in Surigao. The streets are all wet and muddy. The latest outfit of the town are wearing jackets, boots, raincoats with matching colorful umbrellas but to some who don't want to bring all those stuff they just cover their heads with their hands, book and bag. I couldn't go out in the house with a heavy rain even if doing that is one of my ultimate dream. I easily get sick and my pneumonia might strike again if I ever do that. I just got to stay here and relax. Do my work and finish the pending ones. I got to do it now or else there will be no more time for me. Hi madz I'm ok i just hope I could catch up with all the deadlines. I would like to greet a Belated Happy Birthday to madz. May all your dreams and wishes do come true. thanks for the friendship.

Monday, November 23, 2009


The rain pours down again. I love rainy days because I don't need to use my fan to cool me. The advantages of the rain are first the plants will be happy, then temperature is not warm and I feel comfortable to sleep in a cold night. The worst part is flood, muddy and slippery road, landslide, brownout, disaster and there will only a few pupils who are present in my class. It is a raining here since Sunday. I feel so lazy and I wish that there is no class. Weird thing was almost all kids didn't report to the class. I hope a miracle will happen and I hope it will happen tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks Ate Amy

I would like to thank Ate Amy for being so good and patient in helping me out here in the blog world. May God bless you Ate Amy you are truly the best. I just wanted to tell everyone that Ate amy encourages me to write more and share my thoughts. I can say that through blogging I release all my feelings, Share my thoughts and my experiences. It does make me feel good and better when I'm down. It gives me the opportunity to meet new friends, gain new knowledge and connect myself to the real world.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Summer is over but I guess going out somewhere is a cool thing to do. It makes us forget of the busy days we had in our work. Chill and relax, go places, watch television, do shopping and of course my all time favorite hang out with my family is going to the beach or even indoor pool can be cool and relaxing too. Going out in the beach requires a lot of things to bring well not to forget the food, the car to use, skin block and most especially the swimwear you need to wear. It would be so awesome to wear something that you are comfortable and most especially you also got to feel good about it. I have discovered this cool swimwear product that suits your personality and choice of swimwear to wear. Check out swimwear today, the size 8 and up swimsuit shop. Their product is so amazing that it fits to the kind of person you are. There are also varieties of different swimwear you can choose from and you can choose different design, sizes and style of swimwear you want. Visit their website today. For more information open the link provided here and do follow and add in your link too. Find out for yourself and discover the difference.

Monday, November 09, 2009

What I wish

Sometimes I wish everything will end. Yet whenever I remember those people who fought and won in the battle called life I then refused to give up. I know I have been through a lot of pains and hardship in life and the fact is I always thought I could not survived by it but I did it. I have surpassed every challenge and problems I have encountered in my life. God is always with me and I thank Him for all the strength and endurance He gave me. In all my articles I always say "I" now I again came to realized maybe I'm self-centered am I? I started to question myself not again. I'm too busy thinking of my work and all that. I concentrate in the things that I should do I just came to realized I forgot to think of other people maybe not totally but almost at least I'm aware of it. What concern me now are my pupils. They are the only people I always talk with and share all my thoughts. I wish that they will be transform into better individuals and grow up to be mature and responsible being in this planet. If I'm here at home I watch over my nieces, I listen to my mother's sentiments, I deal with the issues of my brother and sister and I always see to it that I check on tatay everyday. There are things that I wanted to do in my family perhaps buy a new house for nanay that is what she wanted me to do, Give a two scholarship grants for my nieces, A whole supply of medicines for tatay and nanay and I don't know with my siblings they got their own life anyway. Sad thing because I still got to wait for the right time for me to do all those things maybe in the right time. I'm holding on to it. Basta God knows all I want and all I need.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thesis Proposal

Today I have a meeting with my former classmate who is already done with her thesis proposal. She is really amazing because she did her thesis as fast as she could. wow! I really admire her for that. Maam Lilian helped me out this afternoon in starting my thesis proposal. I wish , I want and I strongly aiming to start and finish my thesis. I'm kinda sick lately but I have no choice but to stay strong because I have a job to do everyday and a mission to accomplish. I just need more power ups and more rest for me to gain energy from within me. I thank God for a lot of blessings I have been receiving this year in spite of a lot of difficulties, insecurities and fear I have. Not to mention my battle against depression is really a tough job for me. God is here with me. I know that He is not leaving me to where I am now. Sometimes I'm giving up but as long as the sun is rising I have all the reasons to live and go on with life as what I'm always saying life goes on no matter what. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Friday, November 06, 2009

sleepy me

I've been sleepy lately. I don't know but I felt that this is so strange since I'm not like this before. My parents are worried about me that there must be something wrong with me. My sleeping patterns are not in good condition. I slept so late and in between my sleeping time I sometimes woke up and then I'll be wide awake then until it's about time for me to go to school. This maybe the reason why I grow so big now my weight did increase again. I'm not fat anymore but I'm obese. I really feel as sleepy as in even if I'm busy my eyes would really fall. I need to have one whole day sleep but I don't have that day that is why after class I would take a nap and take a rest. I'm so busy that I would even forget to scratch whatever itch in my body. I wish to take a vacation for life and the fact is I'll be reporting to school again on a Saturdays because the reading tutorials has resume. I got no choice but to render my service or else there will be no tutorial in school.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Busy Me Again

Next week will be our evaluation week for our school. I got to hurry for all the things I need to accomplish. I don't know if I could catch up with the deadlines. If I was not able to join the seminar I could have a lot of time to prepare but lucky me I was not there in school for four days. Anyway I don't have any choice but to catch up as soon as I can. I have to focus on a lot of things. I feel pressured in a way but I just have to take things slowly as I could for me not to feel so pressured.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Servant Leader

Last week when we have our session about servant leadership I have a lot of realization in myself. In the session we were made to form a line blindfolded with the only person who is not blindfolded is the leader in the first line. We will hold on to the shoulder of the person in front of us. Our mentor resource speakers told us to that we are going to go around the hall, streets and anywhere they are going to instruct our leaders. The rule was we should not let go of the person in front of us and we should not break the chain. At first I was so nervous because I'm afraid that I might stumble and break the chain. It was a hard session in fact after we have done it. I feel so scared that it really does bother me. I come to realized that when we in a group we should put our trust in our leader and do our part as members so that our goal and our task will be successful. Same as I am a teacher, that in everything that I do I must have confidence in me to deliver the lesson and share my knowledge to my pupils and in that way they will learn easily and have that self-confidence in them too. In all the seminars that I attended that was really one unforgettable seminars that I have ever had. I'll try to make a change and apply everything that I learned from the seminar.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

If I'm situated in a western country I would prefer to have the treat than trick hehehe. Happy Halloween to everyone. I still didn't visit my love ones who are already have passed away probably I'll be going there tomorrow. I really did wonder where the dead souls are. I could feel them sometimes. Sometimes I would just got to ignore them but it is really scary. I told them not to make themselves visible to me because I would really scream hard as I could. I could hear them especially if I slept late at night or even at three O'clock in the morning. Last Friday, me and teacher christine did some encoding works in school that was almost 8pm while we were working, suddenly a big and heavy paste container just fell down from the table without anyone moving it. I just said that it's impossible. Lucky for me because I'm the only one who could feel their presence. Teacher Christine is a kind of person who really doesn't mind of the presence of these beings. She don't feel afraid of working so late in school because she really don't care of these beings for her they are always a part of the world and we should not be afraid of them. She is right but I wonder what she would really feels if she see and feel them. When I was new in school I actually go home so late because I have to fill in the big water container in the comfort room. Until one night the guard told me why am I going home so late that the fact is he told me that in my room there are unknown beings occupying my room. I got so scared then and from that time on I never go home so late if there are no urgent papers to be accomplished. Before,I refuse to believe that they occupy my room but the only thing that convinced me that they are there was when I commit an accident inside my classroom. Purely it is an accident but somebody told me someone did push me that is why I got a bone dislocation in my arm. Whatever that is I just I got to be aware that these beings exists. I got to always have FAITH in God and that He will always protect me. Happy Halloween. Enjoy the day.

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