Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's been months since I've been writing articles for my blog. I'm been very busy lately with the new schedule in school I got to sleep early as 8pm unlike before I could sleep late as 3am. I need to wake up early as 4am because I need to be in school at 5am and the class starts at 6am and ends at 2pm. My pupils are very good for they are cooperating to the new schedule we got. They got more active in class. I discover that they like the new schedule. Now since the schedule I have a lot of time to research for my thesis. I got to go to places I wanted after class like paying the bills, do the grocery at home and have more quality time with my niece. It's Christmas vacation I don't have anything to do except doing the household chores and preparing for my minor surgery this Monday. I hope everything will be fine. Imagine last Monday I found out that my right ear has a mild hearing loss. I'm not so affected about the doctor's findings I'm just bothered of how painful it is to go through a minor surgery. I'm going to be strong for this. I've been fighting for pneumonia since September this is just one battle I need to win. Advance Merry Christmas everyone.Add Image

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