Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Education Revolutionary

I've been attending a four day seminar since yesterday. i was so happy to be given a opportunity to be a part of the Mentor the Mentor's Program of the Worldwide People Power Inc. It was very enriching and educational in a way that I can say that all of the topics they taught us were very helpful in aiding us in teaching, handling the kids well in school through giving a constructive feedback,Emphatic listening, have a win-win relationship by Stephen Covey and Art of Loving. I do really learned lot. The best thing I have learned yesterday was that we must be 0pen to changes and we must allow ourselves to accept change and change ourselves. We are also taught how to build relationship and Character Formation. I couldn't wait for tomorrow it is really amazing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Childhood Issue

It is always been my fear to be rejected since I was still young. I don't understand why I was so aloof when I was still a little girl. I'm a shy type, silent and under achiever aside from having a eye problem i also lack self confidence in me. It was a mystery then a thing I can't explain within me. Discrimination was also a part of it. I felt bad about it even if they step on me I don't fight back I just keep my mouth shut and just let those kids hurt me as they could. The effect was the hatred I felt before has been rooted and grown too strong when I was growing up. I became different. I don't mix with my classmates and I don't have friends in groups. I choose to be alone. It even got worst when my best friend went to the states I was even labeled as a loner. A part of it makes me happy because I don't have the pressures of reaching an expectation from friends, I don't conform to rules which my friends would possibly imposed and lastly I'm free of the things I wanted to do. I'm not being controlled by anybody. I did have the hard time adjusting to cope with rejection and discrimination until I finally know myself and I know what I wanted from then on I was not been shaken nor been weaken if people around would reject me or discriminate me for what I am and who I am. It taught me how to love myself and to accept myself of the things that I could do and the things that I could possibly do. The thing that I always bear in my mind was that I don't really care if they don't accept me because the only person who most importantly love me is God. He will never stop loving me and He is always be there for me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The weird experience

Our encampment is finally over. I feel so relieved and at the same time tired. The kids were very happy. I guess the thing that I learned there was to be always prepared in all the things that I do. Planned things out ahead of time. Things were actually mixed up before we finally decided to join the camp. We did win but not the champions of the game so sad but it is charged to experience anyway. The weird thing happened was when the event was nearly over I felt a rapid beating in my heart I wondered why that happened so sudden that when I went out the school I was nearly bumped by a vehicle my co-teacher reacted so badly that I felt that I woke up from a deep sleep. I was shocked lucky that someone was there maam corazon, saved me from that scary thing. She told me that I could have died from that accident but I do believe that angels are there to rescue me. I come to realized that life is precious and that I still have a mission to fulfill in this life. Thanks to maam cora and thank you God. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Late

It was a disaster day for me because I was caught in a nick of time. I got late again that I almost went to school at 8 am. It was so far the most worst time I arrived in school. I really couldn't believe it but it happened I thought it will only happen in my wildest dreams but it really happen in reality. I feel so bad about it. I actually woke up so early but unfortunately after I took a bath and I'm already ready and set to go to school at 6am but I got so sleepy that the worst thing that happened was I fell asleep. When I woke up it is already 7:30 am imagine to that I just took three spoonful for breakfast. The good thing was I did not wait for a lifetime to get a vehicle to go to school it just took me seconds to get one and no traffic in whatsoever distractions in the road. God is good I do believe that one of His angels woke me up just to let me go to school and show up for my pupils who waited for me until I arrived and miraculously they were patient in waiting for me not even one went home thinking that I'll be absent today. I will never let this day happen again. I wish. Pray for me. God bless you my friend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Good Son

I have a pupil who is a head turner to all his classmates not because he is good in the class but because he has his attitudes that his classmates don't like. He teases, make fun and hurt his classmates in so many ways. Everytime he do all these things naturally I always see to it to tell him what is right and what he should supposed to treat his classmates. I do believe that he can actually be a good boy. I wonder why he is like that. In a long time of waiting I finally able to talk with his mother. The thing was the statement of his mother and father are different from each other. When I have encounters with them. I'm kind of confused of whom to believe. For his dad he is not good. He even told me that he is an headache to his mother but when I talked to his mother she told me that of all her sons he is the most kind and responsible. I'm so puzzled that I could not believe of what she told me. I come to realized that maybe they really have a problem in their family in which his mother wanted to keep it. It is unbelievable when the child displays a different person in the class far different from who he is at home. There must be a problem behind it. The thing that I choose to believe was that in his life there must be an empty space that needs to be fill that is affection, attention and love.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GSP Encampment

I don't want to go but they invited my to join them my point was I don't have pupils to look after too because the grade four pupils are not included anyway but is a call of duty and I should be there. I just got to think that I'm excited that I could meet new teachers and be of service to my co-teachers too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The mask

I've been lazy lately. It just that I was so upset to one of my pupils. It is no big deal now I have forgiven her anyway but the only thing changes was that I don't trust her anymore. It pains me to remember that I put my trust on her and yet she broke it in her own way. I don't want to tell what happen to protect her. I thought she was true but now I found out that she is wearing a mask. amazing because she deceives me so badly. At least now her true self was revealed. I learned my lesson now that I should just not trust easily but knowing myself I don't actually trust that easily i just chose her because I really thought she is sincere. Next time I would always have to choose who is worthy and reliable. Have a cool day friends it is raining here in our place.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The event

I hope that our Investiture tomorrow will be successful. I hope kids are ok and will behave tomorrow I could relax now and have fun. I still have a lot of task to be done. I just got to take things one at a time. I got so mixed up somehow I just have to fix things now I got no choice but to put things straight tomorrow I have to go to my mentor I have to start with my thesis. wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Busy Day

It is raining and I woke up late again. Good News I was not late for work today. It's just that I got so busy in so many things in school. My grades are all done now. yes! later did I know I have new results to calculate with hehehe. Just to enumerate the things I'm going to do 1. I have encoding job for HEKASI 2nd quarter examination test paper, 2. I'm in charge of the GSP investiture for grade 4 this coming Friday and conduct a Save the Planet activity for the newly invest Junior Scouts, 3. I have Phil-IRI results calculated and interpret the results for both silent and oral reading, 4. I have a lesson plan to accomplish for tommorrow, 5. I have pictures to develop for the monthly report lucky me they did not let me write the report and 6. I have pupils to guide and monitor with. Sometimes I wish to take a rest because I think I'm already tired what keeps me going are the kids who always there looking forward to see me everyday in school. I'm just glad that I don't have to go to school this Saturday because the NSTP students are already on their processing sessions they will be back on November. Yehey! I have all the time to sleep and have fun on weekend this October.

Monday, October 05, 2009

World Teacher's Day

I was surprise when kids brought me flowers and cards today. I'm strongly wishing that the mischievous kids will change into good and responsible pupils. I thought they won't give anything since I didn't tell them that it will be World Teacher's Day. We have fun I even dance without practice in the program because they let me I have no choice but to dance. In the afternoon we had co-teachers bonding time. It was really fun and relaxing.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I'm happy that it will be just another ordinary day for me. My brother is coming home from Manila. I hope that he got something for us hehehe. Anyway, I called up my sister today She sounds like she is sick. She told us that she is still adjusting to the climate there. I hope that she will be fine. I also wrote an e-mail to her. I'm quite sad again because I got to remember her again when she was still here in the Philippines. When they were here when I'm on my way from school I always look forward to see their car parked outside the house and now when I go home from school there is no more car that I look forward to see then I realized that I still miss my sister and I was just pretending that I'm ok. It is ok this too shall pass I know that I'll get over this soon. I know someday I'll visit them soon. Not now but soon.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cool Saturday

I'm ok today I just feel so sleepy. I got to accomplish all the things I need to finish. The XU NSTP peace park team finished their mural project in our peace park in school. It was amazing the artist paints well. I wish I have such good skills. This monday we will celebrate the Global Teacher's Day. They told me that I'm going to present something in the program. I don't think I could do that but I'm going to try. They also say we got to wear something special I would probably wear my favorite dress. I wonder if my kids will have a surprise for me but if they don't have it's ok.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Better late than absent

I'm taking things slowly but surely but the problem is what if I would be late for the deadlines, speaking of late I noticed that this week I almost got late everyday for school yikes I know I'm not being a model to them at this point in time. I'll try my best to wake up early probably tomorrow. I don't want to be late its just that I just woke up at 6am then when I'm out waiting for the vehicle it would take me years to wait. life seems mixed up. I'm trying to fix it anyway. I've been through a lot of task in school and I'm glad they are all done. The thing I'm worried are the grades of my kids. My grades are still waiting for me to calculate them I wish I could finish them by this week. I've finished some subjects but there are still pending more. yes! there will be no area work this Saturday but I got to be there for the students who are in charge in setting up the peace park in school. I'm busy this week for the GSP investiture. I wish they will be ready for it because I think they are not. I wish I have a partner to trained them I'm not martyr or a saint I might as well seek help with my co-teachers with a matching puss in boots look in Shrek the movie hehehe. Have a happy day ahead. Do pray for the flood victims in the Philippines.

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