Friday, April 22, 2011

Awesome Reflection

Hi everyone. I'm back how are u my friend? I'm so filled with a lot of wisdom today I learned about the death of Jesus. Jesus suffer because of His decision to love us and We are not save because of His sufferings and pain but we are save because of His great love for us. If people suffer it's because we choose to love but what is important is not the pain and suffering that we experience but the intensity of love that give. There are three things we need to put in mind and do first is to get closer to God, believe in Him and to always communicate with Him, second is to hold on to God to never give up on life and third is to hold on tight that as if we only depend on Him. Have faith in Him my friend because He will never leave us alone and He will never allow us to carry our cross if we cannot bear it. Every pain and sufferings we experience has a purpose. These will help us to become a better person and to make us more stronger to face life's challenges. Have a blessed day my friend (",)

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