Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Calling

I seek and now I have find the path that I want to go. I choose it and live it, until I found themystery of it.I stand to the choice I made and I havelearned a lot of it.This is the future I have work for, this ismy dream I always dreamed of.Life in this world is not that easy, Tearsmight fall, my heart might aches and myhead would ache.Everyday is a growing opportunity. life's challenges is part of living,a partof achieving our dream snd to strive to dobetter


A true friend is Someone you can lean on andsomeone you can depend on.A true friend is the one who shares with you all the laughters, tears in your life.Someone that you can talk to, cry with and walk within the path of truth.A true friend is someone who takes care of you. Someone who thinks of you when you when you are far away.A true Friend is someone who never leaves you even at the middle of the battle until the last blood you'll shed.A true friend is someone you can trust. A true friend is there for you in joys sadness and trials together you'll walkhand in hand on the joyous mystery of life.
Maria Carmela Sibayan Laya


Life is beautiful.Each day is a challenge.Each day is an opportunity.Life is time.It is a chance to do good.A chance to make up for the bad times.Each day is a new hope.Each day is a new beginning.Life is a game to play with.Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win.It is a choreography of steps.Each step is a risk.Each step is a gamble.Life is full of surprises.It is unpredictable. We'll never know what we've become and what is going to happen to us but for sure life is choice.

What I Want...

I want to escape but I can't go.I want to give up but I'm still holding on.I want to close my eyes and never open it buteven if I close my eyes I still can see clearly what lies beyond me.I want to end it all but I'm still startingand still growing. I want to be happy but I only think I'm sad.I want to be contented but I only think I'm not contented. I want to have everything onlyto find out that I'm complete. I want to be better only to find out that I want to be perfect.Things are not happening the way I want but things happens the way I need them and the way for me to grow and be the person that Godwants me to be.

Just For a Thought

I look at life as I see a dying person fighting for his life.
I feel how love is strong as I comfort a broken hearted friend.
I notice growth as I look at the tree that was once shorter than me.
I see light as the sun shines covered the sky.
I have faith when I feel I have no one to turn to.
I see hope as each day unfolds my life.
In every breath I take, I know I'm not alone.
Ode To God
You're invisible as a wind but I can see youin others.I can't touch you but I can feel you throughthe gentle breeze of the wind.I can't hear you but I can understand what you are telling me.I've wanted to see your face, I'm longing totalk to you and to share everything what Iwant to say to you.Yet you're too far from me but I feel your presence.Then I look up to the sky and I realize thatI shall not look for you nowhere but here inside my heart.

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