Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's been months since I've been writing articles for my blog. I'm been very busy lately with the new schedule in school I got to sleep early as 8pm unlike before I could sleep late as 3am. I need to wake up early as 4am because I need to be in school at 5am and the class starts at 6am and ends at 2pm. My pupils are very good for they are cooperating to the new schedule we got. They got more active in class. I discover that they like the new schedule. Now since the schedule I have a lot of time to research for my thesis. I got to go to places I wanted after class like paying the bills, do the grocery at home and have more quality time with my niece. It's Christmas vacation I don't have anything to do except doing the household chores and preparing for my minor surgery this Monday. I hope everything will be fine. Imagine last Monday I found out that my right ear has a mild hearing loss. I'm not so affected about the doctor's findings I'm just bothered of how painful it is to go through a minor surgery. I'm going to be strong for this. I've been fighting for pneumonia since September this is just one battle I need to win. Advance Merry Christmas everyone.Add Image

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Burden

Wow! my school project which is the grills gate for my comfort room was already done last July even though not all kids were able to pay their contribution. I'm quite sad these days because the project that our school requires is a dental trough. Honestly, I'm not that rich but I have enough money to spend for the project but what I got so angry was that i have my comfort room repaired, it so happen that the guys who repaired my comfort room swindled me for 1500php. I could have use the money for building my dental trough. It pains me so much that thinking I never cheated on anybody. I have asked then what have I done to deserve this. As always everything happens for a reason. I got a hard time thinking where could I possibly get money for building up my dental trough. I could sensed that parents would have a burden paying again for another project since we already got the original project for the PTA. I hope I could get over this. All I did was to offer it to the poor souls in the purgatory. I have to stop worrying or else it would make my depression worst.Well at least now, I could manage myself because I always try to shift my mood. I try to hold on to those happy thoughts that I could think of. What surprises me was that I got emotional whenever I could see sad scenes in the movie (even cartoon movies that would show a slightly sentimental scene like for example the movie UP from Disney-Pixar), I cry when I hear sad stories and I get easily affected on depressing situation. I got confused why I'm feeling that way well at least I'm aware of it. Shifting my thoughts will help me lessen the heartaching and depressing feeling I feel inside. I just have to think that Christ's sufferings is more painful than the pain I'm feeling inside. I got maybe just a small spot of ache compared to the pain he have experienced when he died on the cross.I know God will help me get through with this. I will transcend to this situation. This too shall pass. To Madz and Paulo thank you very much for the encouragement. God bless you.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Work,Work and Work ......

I got a lot of work today. They all have been piled up for weeks now. I hope I could catch all the deadlines. I wish I'm a super girl who could make things possible in just one snap of a finger. I feel so old now eversince June I felt that everyday I'm got irritated of noise and those children who have attitude problem in school. Inspite of all the changes i was blessed with a nice batch of kids. They are really understanding and cooperative. They are mature and they can cope with a lot of pressure in school. I finally decided not to file a leave. I just got to endure the pain in my back. I will not give up as long as I got all the power ups and energy to stay. I will have to fight for it. Sometimes I would think of changing my mind but as what I have always notice that there is a voice inside me that is telling me to stay. I don't know all I ever wanted was that I'll be the best teacher there is and that when I face God, He'll be proud of me that when I'm still here I have done my job well. I wish I have more power ups and energy to go on with my mission. Have a wonderful day my friend.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back on Track

I have been silent for about a month now. I got sick for almost one month. Good news was that I didn't miss any class at all because even if I'm not feeling well I still have the strength to pull myself up and manage to live normally as I should. I find it hard to work when I feel the pain inside me but I have forced myself to endure the pain in my back just to attend my class and be present. I promise myself from the very start that in this school year I will never have to file for a leave just because I'm not feeling well. Indeed I was present the whole time but I was shocked when I saw in my payslip that I was deducted for a one day absent. I don't understand why that happens but they told me it was a deduction from my last absent last school year 2009-2010. I don't know if that applies to it but one of these days I will visit the office and ask the secretary. Anyway, My class is ok they are very good and cooperative. I feel blessed to have kids like these batch. It inspires me do my best as a teacher. I am now well adjusted to the new time schedule but in a few weeks we need to adjust again to the another new schedule our class will start at 12:00nn and ends at 6:00pm due to the renovation and repairs of some classrooms. I like that schedule I would have a lot of time sleeping and preparing visual aids for my lesson. Life is too tough these days I need to decide if I'm going to file a leave or not for six months. I feel exhausted working with having a back pain although right now I feel a little better unlike before. I hope i'll be fine now. Have a happy day. (",)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Speechless

I have nothing to say. I guess I'm just too tired of our activity yesterday. We celebrated the culminating activity for the celebration of the Nutrition month. The class prepared a fruit salad. Everybody was excited and happy yesterday and they are all full. Kids love playing as always I let them play yesterday because we didn't have a formal class. They have so much fun and I just watch them running and playing outside the classroom. This batch of kids are different from last year they are obedient and they have this sense of responsibility. They have the heart and they take their studies seriously but of course there are still kids who I call baby. I have a pupil who is very intelligent. She is really good and show interest in her study. The thing that makes me so worried was she is different from her classmates. She got this behavioral problem. She easily gets irritated, she always wanted to be notice at and she changes moods once in awhile. Honestly, I have the hard time dealing with her but I always see to it that I will not appear as a bad teacher to her. I continue to help her out of her problem. The one thing I feel disappointed with is that she is really good, she got all the brains, beauty and talent to show yet because of her attitude she appears to be a failure because when she got her tantrums everything is ruin and what is hard is that she don't easily let go of her frustration and anger. She would prolong the burden and the hate she felt. I wish I could help her out since I'm going to be with her for ten months probably I could adjust to her attitude and help her resolve her unsolve issues in life. I'm seeking help and cooperation with her classmates maybe it would help her in anyway. This is my mission that I need to accomplish for this year aside from finishing my mahiwagang thesis. I wish God will help me. I'm sure He will. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Blues

I don't know why I feel so sad.I've been keeping everything since summer. I think I need to see someone who could help me out of this chains I'm in. My class is fine. They are all good and I have set a boundary to let them know that I'm their teacher and they have to respect me or else if I don't in the end we will end up being like buddies which I think it is not good. School is telling me to join the ranking for a new promotions and position but I feel I'm not yet ready for a very big and difficult task to perform. I'm focusing now with my thesis proposal I'm not that real serious about it but my classmates told me that our dean and my mentor is always looking for me to finish and have my thesis proposal defense. I feel like i'm so trap really in a maze. I'm also kind of nervous because I knew that no matter how hard it is I have to go through with all of the pressures and difficulties in order for me to finish my thesis. I hope I could end this mission this year it's been a more than a decade now I need to end this. Life is quite focus now in school I wish I could balance everything. Have a nice day my friend.

Friday, July 02, 2010

My New Class

Hi I miss blogging for so very long. I've been busy lately. I'm having fun with my new batch of pupils. I kinda like them. I wish that these kids will be the best batch I will ever had. They are very energetic, talented and most especially they have pure talent and self-confidence. I like this batch. They are different. They love to sing, act and dance. They are very enthusiastic in almost all of the activities I'm giving them. I just hope they will continue to be like who they are now. I don't like to go through hardships of adjusting to their changing behavior. The new schedule is kinda a bit difficult at first. I got a hard time adjusting to it but as time passed by I got use to it. Our schedule for this school year was different from last school year if before we have one hour break now we don't we only have twenty minutes break for our lunch. Kids have to take their lunch inside their classroom. The best part was we go home early. Kids have no chance of going around the campus and wasting their time chatting, playing and cutting classes in a day. There is a least chance for kids to be absent in a half day. Have a happy weekend to all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Philippine Independence Day

When I was young I used to take part of the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. In this day I usually go to the park and watch activities such as the flag raising, variety show and the parade. There are lots flags all over the city and to each houses. There is one giant flag in our park. In school we create our own Philippine flag and post it outside the classroom. Our teacher even taught us how to sang the National Anthem well and understand the meaning of the song and she also taught us the value of patriotism and recall to us about how our national heroes fought for our country for our freedom.This day marks the beginning of freedom and that our Filipino heroes showed and proved to us that we can do it. We must love and protect our country and give peace to each and everyone of us. Let us not waste all the things that our heroes have done for us. Mabuhay and Happy Independence Day to all.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow is the first day of enrolment in our school. I'm sure some kids are excited now to go back to school, some kids still wanted to have extended vacation and some kids unfortunately have no chance of going to school due to some problems or perhaps they wanted to do something rather than going to school sad but true. I wish that all kids here in the Philippines will have the chance to go to school. In fact they do have the chance it's just that they have the choice to go to school or not. I have no idea who will be my pupils for this school year. We are going to divide the kids according to their general average grade. I wanted to have mature, responsible, obedient, diligent, respectful and behave pupils. I will not complain if they are not so intelligent what matters is that they have good attitudes. I wish also that I will have the best class there is. I'm not handling the first section class or what they call the fast learners class but I hope I could make a big change and difference to the kids I'll be handling this year. It's hard but I'm going to try. As long as my kids will cooperate and do their best to stand out from the rest they will surely grow and become better individuals. I guess have to wait and see. Have a happy day my friend.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Powerful Mind

Some people always think that there are some things that is hard to achieve without trying it. Our mind is very powerful. If we think positive and we are determine of the things we wanted to happen that we really happen and if also worked for it and aim to achieve. Obstacles are normal barriers we meet along the way these are only things that strengthen us and give us the clue that we must do good and learn from what we are going through. Believe in yourself, think positive and always keep the faith. Have a happy day my friend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Smart Communications-Brigada Eskwela 2010

The SMART COMMUNICATION helped Camaman-an Elementary school for this school year 2010-2011 brigada eskwela. They painted two school rooms and clean it as well. They were 25 smart employees and on the job trainees who volunteered to spend their time and effort in making our brigada eskwela a successful one. We are so happy and lucky that our school was chosen among all the different schools in Cagayan de Oro city. To the SMART COMMUNICATION thank you very much for all the help you extended to our school. God bless us all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sci-Dama-Water Patrol Clinic

It's been days since I blog. I just don't feel like sharing my thoughts. I've been pressured with my thesis and finally I'm working on not just my page one but with my chapter one yehey! I couldn't believe it but I'm almost done with chapter one. I attended a sci-dama clinic today. I'm not really good in sci-dama. It's my first time to join. The mechanics of the game is that each chips have different numbers on it then on the board there are two mathematical operations the more chips eaten with a more numbers to be added or scores the most lose the game but the few numbers added and less scores will win the game. Funny, I'm the only one in our school who join the clinic. I feel so alone I have to reach out with other participants. Fortunately some teachers from other schools accepted me in their group. I'm not used to join in grouping i'm ok being alone. In fact I don't have "barkadas" to hang out and chat with. I can live without a companion. The thing that I love being alone is that I feel I'm free and that I could do anything I ever wanted without anyone who bothers me. No man is an island anyway I still reach out and search for real friends. I hope someday I will find them. It's really a miracle because I won 2nd place in the sci-dama competition in the teacher's category. It was hard and I almost got the 1st place it's ok. I'm so happy and not only that, I also found new friends.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Don't Stop Believing" - Glee - cover

I love this song. This is the version of Sam Tsui real cool song. Do listen to it.

Election Aftermath

Election is already over. We are on our way to a new start. Millions of banners, leaflets, billboards and ads were all left on he streets. People were all curious who won the election. It was raining in here in Cagayan de Oro City last election day. There were still a lot of voters who wasn't able to vote because of the slow process since three precincts were clustered to one. My co-teachers experience election using the hi-technology machine for voting. They asked me why was I not able to serve and be a part of history? the only answer I could give was I wanted to experience how it feels to be part of the long line, meet new friends and get acquainted with our neighbors which I don't get to meet and talk everyday, watch the news and latest happenings on TV and most especially to see the real action in the outside world. I may have partly regretted why I was not able to serve in the election for the fact that there will be incentives and leave credits given to us teachers but I know that if I was there I could get sick and tired. I can't afford to get sick anymore what is important is that I have done my part by casting my vote and elect the candidates who I believe has all the capacity to take care of us and our country. The leaders that we must have chosen are the ones who have the big heart to beat for all of us, The one have a well shape brain who could think of brilliant ideas to make our country progress and prosperous, The one who have big ears to listen to all our problems and understand and be sensitive of the needs of each and everyone of us, The one who have hands that is hardworking and ready to help and serve us, and The one who have clean conscience and clean intentions in serving us without any hatred and issues in life that are yet to be solve. We are all human and we are not perfect. We are capable to make mistakes. The President and the rest of other officials are not magicians who could instantly solve our problems they just serve as our guide and leaders therefore we must do our responsibility as citizen in our country. Let's stop blaming, fighting and backstabbing each other what we need to do is to help each other build a better nation. Be models to the youth, be honest in all transactions, take care of our environment, stop the crab mentality, and most especially we must be loyal to each other. It is time for us to unite and be one. A broken nation is not a good example to our children. All of us wanted a big change in our country. If we need change it must start from within us. It must be a totally conversion. Ako ang simula sa pagbabago. Pagbabago na hinde lamang sa isip, sa salita kundi pati na rin sa gawa. We can never achieve the change that we long for if we don't change our ways and our attitude. This change must come from within us. It must be from the heart. We must be together and join hands in changing our country. It is not yet too late to do something. Besides this is our country who else could help us but we ourselves as citizens in our nation. Each and everyone of us has the our own roles to play even young kids can do their share. Let's not forget that we are all connected to each other. United we stand divide we fall. Let's take the challenge now before it is too late. We can do it. I believe we can do it.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

With just a simple thought moms will be very happy to be remembered today. I don't have much surprise to my mother but I could just hug her and tell that I love her. Show much you love your mom today. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms all over the world.

I'm here

I'm back here in Cagayan de Oro. I attended the wedding ceremony of my cousin in Manila last week. I got a lot of fun bonding with my cousins. I wish to stay longer but I got a lot of work to do here that is ok even for a short time I got to be with them. We went to Ocean park Manila, Luneta Park, Malls, and attended mass in University of the Philippines chapel. I learn a lot of things there. My cousins encourage me to lose weight and inspire me that I can do that easily. They give me tips to lose weight and the best was to really exercise and quit sleeping. It is so hard to quit sleeping because I love to sleep and sleeping is one of my favorite activity of the day. I have to do this. This is for my own good. I'm starting to feel discomforts and palpitations due to my big pounds of weight. I hope I won't fail.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Activities of the Week

Last week we have just started our Summer Reading Camp. I don't know really if I'm going to be excited about all these because for me it is was a surprised announcement from the principal's office. I don't have any choice but to join and serve anyway. I handle some interested incoming grade four pupils. I was kind a bit uncomfortable since I'm not really feeling well until now but I just got to attend this camp. The only thing that keeps me coming back is that the kids are very enthusiastic to learn. They got the energy that inspires me to be present everyday. I'm happy to know that there are still a bunch of kids that are willing to learn and to improve their skills in reading. Last Saturday I attended a seminar about labor laws with my former classmates in the graduate school. I feel so sad knowing I'm still hanging in my thesis proposal. Oh! come on my mentor change my topic for the third time and I guess I am to be blame for not working on it for a long time. I know I will have my time. I think I'm just as if doing something to complete it this thesis but honestly I'm still in page one still trying hard to find the right words to write. Please do pray for me thanks. Have a nice day my friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love the Earth

It is Earth day but it seems that the earth is not rejoicing today. The temperature is so warm and I feel that mother earth is trying to tell me that she is angry. Yes, I feel the heat that penetrates in my skin it's like fire submerge in my skin. I'm so sad to celebrate the earth day but I'm not losing hope that again if we join hands we could save the earth now. Let's start to do the cure now. We only got one planet and there are no more other places for us to live except here. Happy Earth Day to all of us. Let's be aware and continue to love our home after all we are the ones who live here not the other beings. Have a happy hot summer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ezra Band Girl Vocalist with differently abled Pianist from Pilipinas Got Talent

This is truly amazing and inspiring. Nothing is impossible if we try and never stop believing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Dreams do come true just believe in it and reach for the stars. I love this song it inspires me to go on with my thesis writing. I know I've been prolonging my agony in finishing it but I know that everything happens in the right time. Whatever happens I will never stop until I'm going to finish this battle. Good day my friends.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good News

I finally got to see my mentor today the sad thing was I need to change my topic from thinking skills to Science awareness. It's okay I guess this new topic will be much easier than the previous topic. I need to research and read more books about environmental issues that is happening around us. I just hope I could finish my thesis proposal this summer so that I could have my defense this first semester. I'm tired of thinking of this unfinish business in school. I hoping that I will graduate by next year. Please do pray for me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wacky Weather

I don't understand the weather today. When I went out of the house it started to rain but when I'm on my way to school the sun started to shine so brightly that I feel so irritated. The weather changes just as my mood changes too. When I'm done working in school it started to rain again. I wish that this tricky weather would stop playing on us. It also does change our plans of the day. I strongly believe that mother nature is really sick this time. I guess she is now letting us know and feel that we need to do something to solve global warming. Let's act now or else it will be too late. Doing this it should start within me like I should throw my garbage in the right place, minimize the use of air conditioners instead use fan, check products it should be environmental friendly, recycle things that could be converted to other use, reduce garbage, segregate garbage from non-biodegardable materials to biodegradable materials, avoid burning things, plant more trees and reuse the things that could still be use. It is a challenge to each and everyone of us to cure this sick planet. Act now my friends.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Day

I slept in the morning and when I woke up I did my household chores. My problem is that I still feel bored of my life. I have nothing to do. I wanted to do things that will keep me alive. I wanted to finish my thesis proposal but I don't know why I just can't move. I feel so helpless this time. I wanted to ask for help but I have no one to turn to. I wanted to lose weight this summer but at the back of my head I think it takes a lot of effort and hard work to lose weight but it seems like we always got a celebration here. Nanay prepares delicious foods like crabs, shrimps, adobo, and grilled fish. Almost everyday it is like living in a hotel with great food preparation. I guess nanay is testing me to have my self-control and discipline. I still didn't start with my plan like walking in the sports center or perhaps join a modern dance class just for fun. I don't have much time to waste I need to move or else it will be too late. I need to act now and let go of whatever fears and insecurities I'm feeling. Now, I realized that maybe I can't move because I dwell in the dark side of things and all the frustrating things I am experiencing right now. I need to have the courage in order for me to pursue my goals and for me to achieve them. I need to pray more I know God listens and God will help me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Power Dressing

My dresses are design and handpicked clothes by my mother. When I went to the wedding of my friend all my former classmates told me that the kind of clothes I wear are old fashions. I wear a slacks and a pink blouse. In my opinion wearing that clothes is not a problem. In dressing up I don't have much concern in the style but I go for where I am comfortable with. In my six years in the public school I tried really to look decent and at least not a bad dresser in school. I admit I don't have much dress as I could have since I'm not actually a fashion trendy. I only buy clothes if it is necessary and urgent. I don't buy but I went to a shop to have it sewed for me. My classmates suggested me to wear those clothes they term it "flirty clothes" a clothes that is above the knee skirt or more shorter, a sleeveless body fit blouse and a more colorful clothes. There is no wrong in their suggestion, I'm not offended of what they said and I'm not bothered at all. I just wanted to let them know that If I wore those clothes it will not be me anymore because I am not comfortable wearing those clothes. Trying new things also is not bad but for sure I'm not ready to wear those kind of clothes maybe someday.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vacation Blues

Hi friends I had a long vacation here in Cagayan de Oro and I attended a wedding ceremony yesterday in Medina, Misamis Oriental. It was the wedding of my friend Delia and her fiance. I had a greatest time in my life. The place is so peaceful, it a cool climate and there is no brown out in their place. I love to stay if I have the chance to choose I would probably make that place be one of the choices to pick. In my journey there, I witness a person who live her life alone ever since her husband died now that her successful children have their own lives. I felt that she is lonely but the she told us that the thing that helps her survive is singing. It is the music that lifts her soul and makes her happy. She had a great voice. I'm just glad that in her loneliness she had a way to divert it. In her loneliness she gain friends. I felt her sadness yet I believe that it is in our decision relies on what we are going to feel. Indeed I admire her of her courage and strength to live alone. Someday I wish I will not be alone.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Ironically today there is no brown out but we are going to take part with the Earth hour. For a few minutes the whole lights in the house will be turn off. It is better this way at least it is one way of showing that we have to save the earth. Imagine in the primitive times where there is no electricity people could still live a comfortable life even though they are just using fire as their light. Technology is continually progressing. It's like a disease that spread out fast without any cure. People are more creative and innovative in discovering and creating new things. There is no wrong in progressing but one thing we should remember that in creating something it must be good and environmental friendly. We only got one planet what if this planet will die and we will be destroy? Where will we live? We better save the Earth before it is too late. Save the earth. Do something that will help heal our planet. Let's join together my friend before it is too late.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yehey! I'm done.

Finally, I'm done with my paper works in school. I still got more papers to accomplish but at least the most important paper is done already. I have to accomplish everything for me to get cleared. I'm not going to serve in the election but I'm going to join the census team this May. I have all the time to accomplish also my thesis proposal. I get so tired this whole week I did nothing but to check all the forms I need to fill up. I'm so sleepy. Got to go now. God bless you

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm here

I've been busy lately trying to figure out how to get out of the things I wanted to avoid. I think this will never end not until I put an end to this. All I wanted to tell you all is that I'm going through something. I don't know how to get out of it yet I'm trying to. Anyway, today we have our get together with our co-teacher who is retiring from the service. Imagine for 35 straight years she devoted herself in teaching and sharing her life to the kids she handled. I salute her of her patience, endurance, love and humility in our profession. I wish i could reach as far as 30 years in staying and surviving as a teacher. Life as a teacher is not that easy. It needs a lot of strength, courage and guts to stay. Staying means allowing oneself to grow and open to new learnings in life. I wonder if I could survive more than 30 years I hope so. Take care my friend.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Temperature Rising

It's really hot in here. I feel like I'm melting. I feel uncomfortable with the heat. I just have to adopt to these changes or else I will end up complaining and miserable. I notice that people around me have hot temper they easily get angry and flared up like a firecrackers. I don't have much time to think of them but it is getting on my nerves we are all getting affected somehow but we just got to take things as they happen and just accept it even if it is hard. I hope everything will be in peace soon. We just give them space and time to realized everything. The most important thing is that I'm not part of their war. I want to help them out to patch up things but I just can't. I'm hoping that things will work out fine soon.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Report: The Selfish Giant

Yesterday, I've read a beautiful story about a selfish giant. The story goes something like this. The selfish giant has a garden full of fruits, plants, flowers and trees. The children are playing in his garden every day until he decided not to allow the children to play in his garden. He posted a "No Trespassing" sign from that day on he built a wall in his garden. As time passed by, winter came but he wonders why in his garden the seasons never change. The trees and plants are all covered with snow. One day he heard a very sweet music outside his garden when he looks out he saw children laughing and playing. He still wonders why it is winter in his garden but outside his garden is already spring. He noticed a little boy who is trying to climb up the tree but he could not reach the tree. The tree bent and told him to reach hard so that he could climb up. The giant's heart melted of what he saw. He went out and helps the child to climb up the tree the child thanked and kissed him. He then realized how selfish he was for not letting the children play in his garden. He destroyed the walls he built and welcome the children in his garden. The seasons changed. He felt the happiness he never felt before. He search for the child for had help climb the tree but the children told him that they don't know the child. He felt sad of not seeing him again. As years go by the giant never again saw that child until one day he saw him but the giant got angry because when he saw the child there are wounds and bruises in his hands and feet. He asked the child who did that to you? I will take revenge on what they did to you. Then the child answered don't be mad, I'm ok these wounds and bruises are inflicted to me with great love. Come with me in paradise. In the afternoon when the children reach the garden they saw the giant who lay peacefully in his garden covered with flowers.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Where is the light?

I can't see a thing help me. I'm just joking. I feel really upset of experiencing brown out. I just got to live with it perhaps make it as a sacrifice for the poor souls in purgatory. I went out in the house without thinking that the whole block in our street is so dark yet I still manage to go home safe thank God for that. I still got more pending jobs to do. I'm thankful because I'm busy and I got a job. I always try to look into the brighter side of things now even if there are things that bothers me once in a while but it's just a part of it. These are just spices of life that makes our life more meaningful and challenging as well. I guess I got to enjoy all the brown out thing and including the warm climate. Like what I always say this too shall pass. Have a happy El Niño Phenomenon day.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Situation To Deal With

The temperature is rising due to El Niño and brown out is the latest and hottest thing we experience here in CDO. People are fond of going to malls these days, eating their favorite ice cream, washing a bunch of clothes that will easily dried up without using driers, playing in the ground and some would not stop taking a bath because of so much heat. I wish I live in the North Pole. I keep on thinking of the best way to finish my work but I can't move that fast because of the warm scenario. I can't use the electric fan since its brown out. There is a problem on the power supply here in Mindanao. Until now I'm still waiting for the rain to come. I had to make a way to use the internet since brown out just popped like a jack-o-lantern in the house. I just got to go with the flow or else I'll end up complaining and feeling miserable for the rest of the day. I just got to adjust the way things are happening around me. I got to learn to have more patience in accepting that life is not that always easy. Whatever happens I must adjust to it for me to survive and to take things as light as it should be. Summer is fast approaching and I'm looking forward to my two months vacation. I should not be thinking of that for now because I still have a lot of work to do. Bye for now. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Love the teeth

I remember before when I was a kid. I always have some things that I love to do. I love to drink milk, play with my playmates and there is one thing I don't forget and that was. I always brush my teeth more than three times a day. I love to clean my mouth. I remember that I could almost consume one whole tube of tooth paste for one week. I don't know I love taking care of my teeth. Honestly there are two aches which I didn't experience and that is heartache due to break ups and toothache hehehe. I still got a healthy teeth until now. I'm thankful that I still have maintain to make my teeth healthy. The secret that I always do is that I never fail to brush my teeth everyday, I don't eat candies all the time (it's one of the rule my mother always reminded my yaya) but I eat chocolates and all the food I love to eat then after that I brush my teeth and I see to it that I have my yearly check up to my dentist. Love your teeth as I love mine. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Catching Up The Deadlines

I've been very busy lately. I still have pending jobs to be done but I know I will finish all of them today. I need to keep going because the school year is almost over. I'll be more busier next week than this week. I'm ok I'm not really tired but just sleepy. The school is going to end this March 31. Some kids are excited, some are not, and some just don't care. I do make sure they are all present for the whole month of March without unreasonable absences. Teachers got their training seminar for the electronic election. I'm not going to serve this coming election. I'm afraid that my pneumonia will strike again. I won't take any chances. Hospital bills are so expensive I can't afford to be sick. I got to go for now. I miss posting my thoughts. Have a nice day

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes I'm Happy with my work

Our NSTP class area work ended today. It was so sad because it means we are saying goodbye to each other. I remember when I had my skills training for this batch of college students, I was kind of afraid that they might not listen or they might find me boring but I was wrong. They were very enthusiatic and excited for their area work. Indeed they were really good they did well in their tutorial session with the kids but of course difficulties are part of it and through that difficulties they encounter, they were able to learn how to adjust, adapt and experiment new ways how to capture the child's attention. I can relate to that because I teach kids and I work with them. Normally people get tired. Sometimes I am too inspired to do my work and sometimes not. Honestly, I get tired, frustrated and bored with my work I'm just human but I'm proud to say that I'm not giving up because giving up means I'm truly defeated. This is my mission in life and I have to fulfill it. All I can say is that I'm happy with my work. If I'm not I could have just resign, be a always absent even if I'm well and I could have always go to school super late. Everyday I tried hard to do my best for my kids and for the school. I work 6 days a week even if I had a choice just to have that 5 days of work. I recall then when I was working in a bank I really did miss the fun in school. Teaching is not only a profession but it is a vocation. I listed a lot of things that makes me happy but those things that I listed are just things I play, read, and do while I'm not working in school pretty ironic since the things I listed are the things that are not supposed to be brought in school. I make sure to relax and enjoy life to meet the balance. All work without play makes one dull and boring. Have a happy week my friend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

Everybody's dream is to find the real happiness. It is one of our mission in life to search for our happiness. Through this Sweet Badge I have the opportunity to share the things that makes me happy. This Sweet Friends Badge was given to me by Vernz of In This Side of Town. Thank you so much Vernz for this because it reminds me of the things that makes me happy.
Here are the Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

1. My Family/Relatives
2. My Job
3. Friends-True Friends
4. PSP
5. Computer games
6. My favorite food
7. My eyeglasses
8. Books
9. Ballpen Collections
10. Latte Gadget
I'm passing this badge of Happiness to
Have a nice day everyone!

Ms. Bright Side Award

Not So Personal-madz gave me this award. Thank you very much madz for everything. You are one of my new friends here in the blog world. I wish you happiness in the world.

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.

1. books
2. computer
3. popcorn
4. chocolates
5. my old journals
6. PSP/computer games
7. Latte gadget
8. My Ballpens
9. Pizza

2. Give top 5 Trivia About Yourself

1. I'm SISA single and satisfied/NBSB no boyfriend since birth-endangered specie
2. I'm cute and chubby known as the baby in the group (innocent in tagalog tanga hahaha)
3. I love to read, sleep, eat and write anything I like.
4. I love to work with kids.
5. I'm a good cook, I love to play the guitar and My greatest dream is to work as a street educator someday.

3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing :)Now, I am passing/sharing this to:

Ate Amy
Gab's Mom

4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got dizzy thinking....

Hi it's been a week. I'm so busy doing a lot of things in school. I'm ok yet tired. My nieces got sick. I also got sick but feels like it's a natural thing in me whenever I get sick I'm already numb and capable of enduring the pain I'm feeling inside. I don't entertain the pain that I'm feeling I always put in mind that it's only in the mind. Kids get so excited for summer vacation they are trying to be so relaxed in their studies. I'm trying to be a little bit firm but kind to them right now in order that they will get good grades in the fourth quarter. I think it is working. I got to pray harder and think positive about it. I'm not giving up that some of these kids will grow up and be mature enough to be responsible in their studies. I wanted them to change their attitude to become better individuals in our society. I know change is difficult but I know maybe not tomorrow but someday these kids will realized the true importance of Education in their lives and they will find the true path they should take. I wish that they will not be lost in the end. Let them decide the right decisions and teach them to choose the best choices in life. I always have a thought about this, each and every one of us are all lucky in this world, it is in our decisions and choices in life makes us hits the jackpot. We are the writer of our own story, the captain of our ship and the one who holds our life. God has given us the freedom to choose but we must always remember our limitations. We must make good decisions and best choices in life and most importantly use our freedom correctly. My kids will soon be grown up I hope they will learn everything about life.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is

Yesterday was Hearts Day. My nanay and tatay had their yearly date. Me, I stayed at home and sleep all day. I was preparing also for the New Year. I stayed up late watching fireworks and just listening to some fire crackers. Some of my friends greeted me Happy Valentines Day. This made me think of some things about love. Love is a strong and a powerful thing in this world. It could hurt us, it can make us happy and above all it makes things possible no matter what. In love there is no impossible. If you have a little love in your heart be grateful because that love will save you someday but if you don't love at all in your heart it only indicates that one will become miserably unlucky in this world. Keep on loving and never get tired to give love. The more love you give the more blessings you will receive. Stay in love forever.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm here again

I've been keeping my thoughts for days now. We are adjusting to our new madam in school. She is kind a bit different from our former madam. She radiates her energy to us enormously. New changes are quite difficult to follow. It's hard but I think I like her style. She does challenges me to do my work on time and inspires me to go to school everyday even if I'm sick. I'm not winning her heart nor making myself notice at. I just wanted to do things right even if I'm already tired. I'm almost giving up. I'm still here and I have to continue my mission and fulfill my visions in life as a teacher. When the time is finally over then I could make my decisions and make it into reality. If my calling is really for teaching then I will pursue it no matter what. This is a dream come true to me. This my life now. I know quitting is not a best option. I must face my plight or else I'll keep running way from the things that I don't want to resolve and end up being a loser and someday these things will haunt me if I will allow myself to quit and waste everything I have worked for. I know regrets will always comes at the end. Before it's late, I make sure that I have enough power ups and energy to go on- prayers and faith in God is my weapon. Have a nice day my friend.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tired Feeling

I feel so tired I don't know why to think that I didn't really do much today. The kids are naturally and normally playful as always. I don't like that I idea but its just the way they are. There are some things that I wanted to change but it's just not beyond my power. I just got to live with it or else I'm going to say goodbye to this noble job of mine. I got to stay focus on my job and do good with it. Trials, difficulties and obstacles are always a part of it. Sometimes I wanted to give up but I don't know what keeps me going. There is just something that keeps holding me back and controlling me to never ever give up. I hope I still could endure that difficulty and sacrifices I'm going through right now. As long as I'm still having that something I need to hold on to it and never ever letting go of it. God is not sleeping. I know He is always here in my side. Have a nice day my friend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Insane Woman

Last Sunday, I attended a mass at six o'clock in the evening. I was late so I stayed outside the church. Suddenly a woman went inside the church. She was wearing a brown knitted blouse. I used to see her walking around the church. One thing that stuck me was that she is a special person yet too ordinary to be noticed at. I saw a sad person in her. I wish I could help her. She might be smiling yet looking into her eyes I saw a suffering soul within her. then I realized that I saw myself in her. I'm moved to tears. I just then realized that I am as sad as her. I felt the pain in my heart. This woman is just one ordinary person. She always goes to church almost everyday I even thought she stays in the church. She is an insane woman who escapes from the pain she is feeling inside. People escape from pain. I for one tries to get rid of it, but I believe that running away and getting rid of the problems and pain is not a solution at all. Pretending to be fine would make the pain more painful. Being blind and apathetic would make one a numb person. Acceptance, humility, forgiveness and letting go would be the best thing that I always bear in mind. Acceptance of what happen, humility to accept what happen, to forgive those who hurt me and let go of the hurtful feelings I felt. We are all insane in this cruel world we live in but the only way to stick with our sanity is to trust in God and to be strong to every challenges, trials and difficulties we encounter in our way. I'm holding on to what I have right now. I keep on Loving those people who cared for me, Help those who need me and I always try to do my job well to make God happy and proud of me. Have a nice day. (",)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally, Now I know.......

I was so bothered these past few days and now finally the worries are totally gone. I discovered that one of my pupils has a serious family problem. Ever since June, I always thought of winning his heart but I failed since he is not willing and he won't open up to me. Frustrating to know but maybe and surely he is hurting inside. He always wanted to be seen in the class, he wanted to appear bad and infamous to his classmates and he never took his studies seriously. I tried hard to reach out for him, but he is so close and he is so hurt that he can't even love himself for the reason he felt that his life is meaningless. He acts as if he never cares for anything and anyone even to himself. In my opinion, maybe it is his way of expressing himself how hurt he is. I feel so sad hearing the reality of what his family is going through. Now, I understand why he acted that way. I pitied him and I assure him that everything will be fine. Ding-dong is not the only pupil who got this problem. In my second batch of pupils before almost all of them suffered from this kind of problem only that those pupils were mature enough to accept that their parents could no longer be together and that they have moved on and let go of it. Accepting such thing is a process. It is hard and hurting in fact some never did escape from it but destroyed their life and ruined it. Prayer, support and guidance should be given to him. I'm praying that his wounds will be healed and that he will accept everything. In my own little way I will help him and free him from his wounded heart. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blowing the burden down

I'm praying today that everything will be fine. Thinking of the heavy thing on top of my head lets me suffer from headache. So all I did was to stop thinking about it. I focus myself in all the requirements I need to accomplish and all the things I need to finish. After lunch I slept and I only woke up when I need to time in the afternoon. I let myself free from that burden why should I run from it when it is there I should face it no matter what. I have no choice but to face it. I have to be strong. If can't run from it then I have to face it. I know that this too shall pass with God's help He will help me and save me. I thank you madz for your advice it makes me feel better.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need a break

I'm tired. I hope to rest. I need a break now. Everything is mixed up but I'm still hoping I could fix everything. I wish to explore to a new adventure in life if only I could go out to where I am now. I could have done it before but something is pulling me back. Something is telling me to stay. I'm asking for a sign if I'll stick to where I am now or to go and find the real path I should take. I've been numb and stagnant for years now. I need to move on and to have courage to explore and take the risks. The risk that I have been running from for years but no matter what and how I try there is always someone and something that stops me from moving on. Maybe I'm destined to be like this forever. I'm quite confused now but I need to pretend that I'm ok that I'm fine and to see the brighter side of life even if only a spark of light is the only hope I'm holding on too. I'm almost giving up but I have faith and trust in God that is for sure why I'm still strong as I am now. God will take care of everthing. He will never leave me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling Blue

I don't know why I feel sad today. I got a lot of fears and doubts. I know if I'm not going to think of it, I'll be free from all the worries and issues that is in my mind. Anything that happens to us is just a creation, imagination in our minds and just something we can't help but thinking which leads to reality. The more we are thinking of the things we don't want to happen will happen because are minds are focus on it. As much as possible I always wanted to think positive. Everyday will get better and everything is ok. Whatever happens there is always a reason and purpose. God will never give us those trials which we cannot resolve. The only thing I need to think is that problems are part and spice to our life. I need to have faith and trust in God. Holding on to what is true and that is God loves each and everyone of us. If we experienced pain, sufferings, problems and loss there is always a reason for it. It helps us to be more strong and to learn how to live our lives. I remembered when my pupil told me that he hates his life. He told me that there is no God because he ask me why God permits their house to be burned. I told him that have you seen the difference before and now? What are the changes you have observe after that sad thing happens? At first he was so angry he told me that they have a bigger and a comfortable house before and now it is the opposite thing. He kept on saying all the things he wanted to say until he realizes that his family having a smaller house becomes more closer than having the bigger house before. I was waiting for him to say a word when suddenly he burst into tears. After that conversation he was changed. I never heard him complain and he starts to believe that God truly exist.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Saturday

I'm so busy today. I thought I would have less work since there are only a few pupils who attended the tutorial due to a rainy weather. The National Achievement Test is fast approaching. All teachers are task to be reviewing the kids every Saturday on subject that are assigned to us. I'm not supposed to handle any section because my schedule is not for today but for next week but since one teacher was absent I replaced her on the spot. I wasn't able to have any review and any preparation they just gave me something for me to go over with a few minutes then discuss and explain it to the kids. It is a nose bleeding experience since the subject is for grade 5 lesson. I'm not so quite well versed on the topics in grade 5 but I have background knowledge of it. Lucky thing I was able to recall everything. I'm tired since my job is doubled I have to monitor the tutors and tutees plus they let me handle a about four sections with the help of some of my college students in NSTP. I'm ok at least I was able to help those pupils who need my help. The best lesson I ever thought of today is to be humble and that nobody is perfect. Have a happy weekend my friend. God bless.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rainy Friday

The day is so gloomy and the rain never stop pouring. I am still so sleepy that I wish somebody will declare a no class day for us. I still wanted to sleep and rest in bed. I have to get up because it is Friday and there is no excuse I have to report in school today. When I'm on my way to school it seems that it was still 6am yet when I look at the clock it was almost 7:15 in the morning. I got worried that I'm already late, later did I know there are still a lot of teachers who are still on their way to school. Kids are only few in number. I just give them some review materials for the exam. I hope they will have good results on Monday. I wish the rain will go away now this weather will really makes me very sick.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recovering From My Mahiwagang Asthma

Yehey! I'm slightly ok now. I went to school and saw my kids who are wondering why I was absent yesterday some even texted me and ask if I'll be in school today. I woke up at four in the morning. I see to it that I'll be early in school. At first I feel so hard to move and even to talk in class I'm still not that well. I could survive talking and explaining in short teaching the kids. The only thing I don't like is to scold kids, watch over bad moves they make and those kids who makes me angry of doing the things I don't like. It is too stressful for me. They wanted to be seen and to be given attention to. Good thing the day is finally over I was able to survive. I wish I'll be more fine tomorrow and that I'll gain back all the energy and the power ups I need for me to win the game. I need to stay strong and to stay healthy as I should be. The kids' third quarter exam will be on Tuesday. I need to double my time coping of all the topics I need to discuss and review the over all coverage of the whole third quarter exam. Get well soon too madz take care. Thank you Madz and Paulo for dropping some comments I appreciate that very much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flat tire

I'm so sick. I have a hard time getting up in bed because of my body pains. I was absent from my class today. I got my mahiwagang asthma, body pains, colds and cough. Good thing was I don't have fever. The whole day I was just sleeping in my bed. I just sleep and take the whole day rest. I hope I'll be fine tomorrow. I don't want to be absent again. I've heard that we have a new madam in school. I know her and I think she is good. I hope she will be good to us. Somebody told me that my kids were asking why am I absent. I think that is a surprise for me i thought they would be happy if I'm not around. I still got the feeling that they are enjoying the moment that there is no class today hehehe. Sorry for them I'll be reporting tomorrow no matter what.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Raining Again

There is a low pressure area the Eastern Mindanao that is why we experienced a heavy rain and a cloudy sky. We only got one and a half day class because of my meeting in school. It rained so hard that I got soaking wet. I'm not feeling well right now. I got my asthma attack, colds, and cough. I wanted to be absent but I'm not going to. I need to work and teach the children. Speaking of the kids, They were really excited to go home because when I went back from the classroom they already clean and arrange the room ready for them to leave.Kids will do everything for me if I have something to give them. Kids are kids they love to play and rest instead of going to school. Timing that this afternoon the rain comes out again I'm pretty sure some of my kids played and danced in the rain and some they probably have their rest and stayed at home. I hope to see them tomorrow with complete attendance. Have a nice day my friend.

Monday, January 11, 2010

kids, kids, kids

Hi friends I feel sleepy but before I sleep just wanted to drop some thoughts and things to share to you. I thought visitors are going to visit us today in school. As always they did not show up again. I'm not feeling well today. I even thought of not reporting to class today but I did not. I need to be present in school today because their third quarter exam will be next week and I have with me some keys of other classrooms. I feel exhausted. Kids are fine today naturally some seek attention and some just wanted to do nothing but exchange ideas with their classmates. I didn't have that stressful scenario today just right they all cooperated with me for the fact that they knew that I'm not feeling well. I wonder if the visitors will be coming tomorrow. I just hope not. I'll be going for a meeting in the afternoon tomorrow. kids will be very happy knowing the news that our class will be only in the morning. kids wanted to have more long vacation than going to school. All they ever wanted is to have fun and play under the heat of the sun. kids, kids makes me laugh when I remember that before our class starts they are already on the go chasing their classmates then after class they still play again and before going home they still got that energy to chase their classmates. I wonder if they ever get tired of running, jumping and chasing their classmates. Thinking of all the pressures they have in school. Pressure in understanding the lesson and passing all the test in school, pressure conforming with their friends, pressure in playing the role of being a son and daughter to their parents and pressures of being a sibling. I'm thinking to make kids more comfortable and to have fun learning in school. To lessen their pressure and to maximize their emotional intelligence so that in this way they would be able to cope with all those pressures and survive with it. I got to do something but I'm starting it anyway just need a little more time. I wish to create a school someday which kids no longer wanted to have a vacation when could that be maybe in the year 2060 hehehehe.

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