Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm so tired already but I just couldn't figure it out why I still have the strength to go on and move on with life. Maybe because God wills that I have to stay strong in spite of all the things I'm going through right now. I still wish people is going to stop hurting me. I'm tired of being affected with all these people. I should not be listening to them but they keep on bothering me now for months. I'm hopeful that they are going to stop it and starting to accept everything. I hope not too soon. Just got to go with the flow and just be it. I just got to continue to smile and let things be. I hope I could still endure all things I'm going through right now. i know I'm not alone and God is here for me. I just hated when people is measuring and testing my patience otherwise I could be just doing the things they want me to do. I promise myself not to do it and that is to fight back or lose my temper. I just got to stay in control and just doing everything the best that I could. As long as I'm not hurting and stepping on others rights I continue to move on and fulfill my mission. Life has to go on no matter what happens

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This school year is the most challenging year for me. For the fact that I have a new set of pupils from a fast learner 2 class. I don't want to handle such group but I was given the task to handle them. I'm kinda bit pressured since people in school have a lot of expectation from me. I'm so scared honestly because I might fail their expectation but as time and days went by I realized that I should not be scared or worried about it as long as I'm doing my job, I'm doing my best as a teacher and I didn't hurt anybody or step on their people's right I should not be shaken then. I got hurt when they speak something that would hurt my feelings, but that is their opinion I should respect their opinion otherwise I would die of heart attack or cancer perhaps. I just got to do my job and do it perfectly as it should be. I'm just human I got hurt and I commit mistakes. I just hope that people would stop talking and judging me as if they are gods. I know myself.I know what I'm doing and in everything that I do there is a purpose and reason. I hope that these people would realize that what they are doing to me is wrong. It's ok I just got to forgive them and just take everything they say as a challenge for me to do better, to stand out from the rest, and to be the best teacher there is. Have a happy day my friend. (",)

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