Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reflection of the Day

I wanted to feel happy but its just that I can't find the feeling to be happy. I feel so empty just wanted to sleep and do nothing at all. It's the first day of the month and the sun is not showing up here. It makes me more lazy and gloomy. School is fine today it's just that I'm also aware that I feel like there is something missing in it. I need to give more effort and give my very best because I knew I could still do more maybe I'm just so tired of what I have been through. I realized that I'm always thinking of myself I failed to think of others and I failed to think of the people around me who cares for me and who will always be there to support me. I've been selfish all these time. I need to pull up myself and stop that habit or else I will lose everything that I got and I'll be letting go of the things that I'm holding onto now. I got to change my ways and start to live a new life. I should feel happy, contented and secure. I guess I need a lot of fixing and have that emotional make over too. I hope I could do it. I will try hard for it. Wish me luck. Have a nice day my friend. (",$

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