Friday, July 31, 2009

Awesome Friday

Today we have our Nutrition Month Culminating activity. The class prepared fruit salad and the other one was the unplanned vegetable dish made by my pupils. I was overwhelmed by their efforts bringing all the materials without being told. I only prepare ingredients for the fruit salad I was surprised when they brought with them the vegetables, wood, cooking utensils and other ingredients. I prayed hard that the activity will be successful but It was more that I have asked for. Speaking about the good news I was surprised that I'm already promoted that was fast. I could not believe what I have discovered today. I was asking am I dreaming? Am I qualified? Is it really true? I was shocked and I was just staring at the walls my other co-teacher cried because she could not believe that she was also promoted. Thank you God, Jesus, Mama Mary and all the Saints in heaven it is like a miracle. I got to have my thanksgiving mass for all the graces I have received this year. Other happy news was my sister and her family received their Canada Visa today which means that they are going to Canada and permanently live there the sad part is that I'm going to miss them especially my Ate. Ate lilet is always been there for me whenever I needed her since Mand mopsy my other sister moved in the States. I hate saying goodbye and I don't like missing someone. That is life after all I've been through a lot of separation from my best friend who migrated to the states after our graduation in grade school, to my grandpa, grandma and aunt who are in heaven right now, my sisters who are in the States, my cousin honey who is in Manila and now, ate and her family is going to Canada.Life has to go on I just got to think that I may not see them always but they always remain in my heart and in my thoughts. God bless you my friend happy weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Resolving Conflicts in School

School was kind a bit tiring kids were so restless. I was having a meeting when suddenly pupils were telling me to go back to the classroom because one of their classmates had a fight. In times like this, it makes me really think of applying for a new job. Resolving conflicts is really a stressful job. I got to listen to both sides of the story and always have a fair decision to both sides. Kids who are immature, are really hard to deal with this kind of situation because they don't actually admit their mistake and always refuse to say sorry and always make a way to escape from the sin they committed. My blood pressure rises when I talk to them because there are a lot of task to be done and deadlines to be accomplish and there they are adding to it. I don't mind actually in resolving the conflict because that is my job but the rule is fighting is not allowed in the classroom and they are violating it. Naturally fighting is not good. I already told them that if ever there are misunderstandings among them, they must talk about it and never use their hands to express their anger. They must always think first before doing something. They must listen to each other instead of having their own way to ease their feeling of hatred. Good thing both kids patch up things together and make peace. Honestly, it makes me cry when my kids are behaving the way I didn't taught them to behave because people would always say that the fault is in me. I can't please everybody. I know I'm doing my job but then nothing is perfect anyway I got to go through some trials and obstacles anyway it is a part of life and it is a way for me to grow and to become a better person and that I know for sure this too shall pass. Help me pray that these kids will be good individuals. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleepy me

I'm kinda sleepy yesterday and today. All I ever wish is to sleep. Last night I dreamed of a very strange situation. I don't know it's been two days now since I've been dreaming of strange dreams. The first one was that in my dream, it was like I am having a tour by the sea. I was in a huge ship then I was there touring around the ocean with a lot of people I didn't know then in my dream my sister fetch me after the cool weird ride on the ship. The second dream was were in an old hospital then my sister look so sad and we didn't even talk in the dream. I can't understand why I'm dreaming all of these must be that I'm just depressed and I'm not doing anything about it I just let it pass but unaware, I'm being affected by it. I should not be feeling this way don't even know the reason behind it maybe because I gain a lot of weight again and I need to exercise, have my diet and discipline myself from eating. My friend gee was laughing at me when she learned that I did not watch T.V. last week instead I lock myself in my room and listen and memorize some nursery rhymes so that i will not be tempted to eat in the kitchen funny right? but it is true. I try hard not to drink softdrinks this week and I guess for three school days I just drink water instead of softdrinks. I think that is a good start. I got to lose weight because If I don't, I'll be force to have a change dress sizes again. nightmare but true. Wish me luck. Take care

Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Monday

I'm very busy today. I went out from the school to fix papers for my license and for my transcript of records. I accomplished everything today the only thing I'm going to do now is to waiting for the time I'm going to get the papers I processed today. Life is bit tiring but I just got to stay focus. i received a good news from the school I didn't expect since I really didn't mind about it. I'm glad because it was a big surprise to me. I'll tell you in time what is that all about if I already fix everything. I'm so excited. I actually receive a package from ate Flor the friend of my sister. She gave me a box of Pili nuts and goodies courtesy of ate Aime. It is really delicious and it is fresh from Bicol. About the weather forecast, it is raining again. The rapid change of weather cause people to get sick. I got one pupil who is already two weeks absent and others get sick just this weekend and are absent today. I just wish they get well now and be in school tomorrow. I got to prepare for school tomorrow. I got new and excited strategy for the kids. I hope it works even if their attendance is not perfect. God Bless you my friend.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sun is here.

It didn't rain hard today. Tomorrow is a another day. School again for me. I got new topics to discussed with my kids. I hope I'll have a perfect attendance for my kids. I hope the kids who got sick are ok now. I'm ok now totally recovered. Everything work with God's grace and a strong positive thinking it heals and it works trust me. Just focus on the things you wanted to happen and hold on it never let go. Everything is possible. Never say never. It's very effective. Try it you'll see how powerful your mind is. God bless you my friend.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bluelight Specials at Kmart!!

Bluelight Specials at Kmart!!

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Cool Saturday

It rained the whole day today. The streets are all muddy, the climate is cool and my asthma now is ok. I'm ok now, I just need to rest. I miss mister sun. Oh Mister Sun,sun, Mister golden sun please shine down on me. Line from a song hehehe I never did see a trace of the sun today. The sky is all covered with dark heavy clouds. I was able to pay my bills and prepared a delicious experimented sandwich. My mother was actually wondering what I'm preparing. She was the first person to taste it. It taste good. yehey ! success. They actually consumed three packs of slice bread today because of that sandwich spread i made. I seldom cook now and even prepare food in the house because I don't have much time for that. now that I got the chance I then grab the opportunity. I'm so happy. I got to fix a lot of things today just hope I could finish all up today. God bless u my friend

Friday, July 24, 2009

Article of the day

hi there friends, It's a great friday evening. I'm with my niece yna. She is actually busy playing around my room. My asthma is still here with me but I can manage to breathe and keep myself alive. Anyway, it's really hot in here don't know why. the weather is been changing over and over again. I guess that is the main reason why there are a lot of kids and even old ones got sick because of the change in weather. I hope everything will be ok now. Tomorrow is no class day yehey! I love Saturdays for now because I don't have much busy schedules just resting and maybe I'll be paying my bills tomorrow. I guess I got to end up the article my niece is playing with the mouse and maybe later she is going to restart the computer. God bless and happy weekend

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doctor. doctor I'm sick again---opps sorry the doctor is on vacation

I did not post yesterday because I'm not feeling well. I don't know must be the weather. I manage to go to school and have my regular class. My doctor is on vacation but she left me prescriptions I need to take if I'm not feeling well. Kid's attendance in school is no good. There are so many pupils who got sick. I wish they are already ok. There are also some kids who are absent because they just don't want to go to school. I hope they realize the value of education. I'm trying to be fine and not to really pay attention to my asthma. I bought a new inhaler today. yes! at last I have my new inhaler I don't know what happen to my old inhaler. When I went back home from the hospital I can no longer find it maybe a bogeyman found it and swallowed it when he knew that I was not in my room to scare me hehehe. just joking. I'm tired but I got one more day of work then Saturday my rest day for now because the XU-NSTP did not yet start their tutorial session. I'll be very busy next month. There are a lot of upcoming contest in school, investigatory projects, and reading tutorials with the XU college students. I'll be handling 40 pupils and 40 students for three straight hours in a Saturday. I hope this batch is fine and dedicated just like last year's batch. God bless you. I hope I'm ok now. I think I am now hehehe

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Family Pictures

I'm ok today in fact I prepared a lot of illustrations and instructional materials for tomorrow. My sister was here and she was organizing the pictures in a huge box where nanay place all the pictures we had eversince we were not born. When I reached home, I'm looking at the pictures organized by my ate. I saw pictures of our grandma and grandpa and other people I don't know. Some were old picture the evidence is that it is all black and white. The funny thing was I saw my pictures when I was still young. I look cute and I'm still thin that time. I could not believe that I look that way those pictures reminds me of the past. The pictures that my sister were collecting was our family pictures those pictures that were taken from the time that we are still young until the present. She planned to post in the net soon when she is done scanning it. Traditionally, every Christmas and New Year we always have our family pictures taken. We had a lot of fun back then. We eat together and pray together. We are just simple we go to church, have our picture taking session and then celebrate Christmas at home, when the clock stroke twelve we then have exchange gifts. Life is simple before that is why I have a happy childhood in spite of the difficulties we have encountered before. The family stays solid and united. We make Christ as a center of our lives. Nanay and tatay always remind us to pray the rosary and have a strong faith in God. They told us that their secret in life is to live in prayers. They maybe strict but they give us the freedom to enjoy life, to choose what path we take and to stood for the choices we make. Have a nice day my friend. (",)
* you may wonder why I post an ice cream picture It's because our family loves to eat cream. hehehehe

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Secret Revealed

When I was still young I'm fond of watching television. My mother wonders why I always stood near the television while we are watching. I started to enter preschool in a very young age. I'm not interested in going to school that time all I ever wanted is to play and have fun. When I get bored in school I will just tell my yaya that I wanted to go home. There was a point that we really went home because I don't want to go to school. I got scolded by my sister that's why I didn't do the cutting classes no more. When I reached grade one, I'm a slow learner my teacher would spank me because I always got zero and I can't read not even a word. I have the hard time learning in school. I have my tutorials in the afternoon after class in the morning. I felt that I'm a worst pupil there is. All throughout my childhood years I felt so inferior that I'm a slow learner but my sister who loves me unconditionally gave out all her time teaching me how to read. My teachers too walk an extra mile for me to learn and have their patience lengthen. When I'm in grade three I was able to learn how to read and comprehend stories that I read. Slowly, I got active in class discussion and participate in oral recitation. When I reach high school i was able to survive and graduate with passing grades. I was supposed to take biology in college but my teacher told me in my face that I'm not good enough taking biology that's why I took something I really wanted to do and that is a course where I could write and share my thoughts. Without any comments from my mother, I took mass communication in first year college. She gave me all the freedom later did I know that she planned to let me transfer in another school and let me shift to Education. It was hard for me to accept it but I have to it's for me future. I have positive attitude in teaching. I also love kids. I will not miss writing because there is also lesson planning and reporting which is demonstration and facilitating the kids learning. I survived again with hard work and patience even if the school is a melting pot of different people I was able to adjust to the kind of environment then I graduated I was preparing for my board exam that time I discover that I have an eye problem quite alarming because I can no longer hardly see the writings posted in the projector. Until I was invited to play the guitar in the mass where my sister works, I got so many errors in playing the notes because the chords were written in a small case font. My sister scolded me again and advises me to see an ophthalmologist to check my eyes. I really did went to the doctor. There I found out that my cornea in my left eye was not opened well. he said that it was inborn. My right eye was already strained because it is already overworked that result to a very poor eye sight known as myopic astigmatism. The doctor told me if only it was discovered earlier when I was still a child, It would have been corrected. When i went home that day I realized that I'm not really that dumb anyway. My sister cried and pitied me when she found out the findings of the doctor. She apologized to me for acting that way. There are a lot of effects on me. Sometimes I could interchange letters and words in my readings and also when I write there are times I could omit some words. I'm a special child told you. I think my teachers are proud of me now because the slow learner carms they knew became a teacher. Funny ironic huh God bless you my friend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thoughts for Today

I wash all my clothes today. Watch over the baby and after that sleep for three hours. When I woke up I rest for awhile then I take bath then go straight to church. I treat myself with a little cone of ice cream and sharwarma. I don't understand what I'm into right now, maybe this is the result of feeling so bored in my life. I should not be feeling this way thats why I went out and have my window shopping alone as always. I prefer going out alone than to have someone with me. My friends told me if I'm not afraid going out alone I said no because I'm used to it anyway. I remember that there was a time when I was with my nephew and sister unfortunately I miss to wear my eyeglasses and I did not brought my celphone. I was lost with my nephew and It was really hard for me to look for my sister because I could not see well. My nephew was still a little boy that time. Luckily, my sister found us there standing in the corner. I got so nervous. My sister scolded us because we were heading at the wrong direction that is why we got lost. From that time on I never miss to wear my eyeglasses no more. I feel much ok when I reach home. I just got to pray harder than before. Tomorrow is another day got to get ready. God bless you

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My long lost friend

We've been friends when we are still young. When they move out from our place, I really thought that they already have gone to America. I just found out that she stayed first in Manila and then move to US after she graduated in grade school. Just yesterday I've searched for her name in the net there she is. All grown up like me. I dropped a note in her inbox but she didn't reply maybe she have totally forgotten all about me but she accept me as her friend. I still could vividly remember everything that we have been through, we play a lot indoors with our toy plates and dolls and normally we fight then afterwards we patch up things easily. I could not remember how we say goodbye all I know was that I miss her when they left. I'm happy now that at least in the net I could see her photos and know that she is ok. Happy weekend my friend.


This is my favorite Game in the PSP. When my nephew started playing with this, I got puzzled and hesitant in trying it. But when I tried it, it was really fun. Before, I don't actually watch it on T.V. because I can't relate to it but when I also started to know the characters and the story itself. I kinda appreciate it anyway. Sad to say I only play it on my free time. It got me addicted for awhile but I learned to discipline myself anyway. Why don't you try it? just a warning don't get so addicted to it. hehehe Enjoy life. I'm not ok but I keep on thinking I'm ok so that I won't be feeling so ill. God bless and have a nice day my friend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Change Mood

I get up a little late today. I'm almost late lucky I was there in school at the nick of time. I promise myself to be fine and to display a happy mood to the class. I don't want to end the day being frustrated and mad. For the very first time I sang my favorite song in the class they were so silent and attentive listening to me. I got to laugh at myself after singing the song. I realized that I shared something that is really a part of me and it feels so good. The kids were amazed and telling me to sing more. I don't know what happen to me. I got carried away of my plan to be happy today and it did. They really find it weird because I let them play after the class because I don't usually let them play but instead I let them go home straight to help their parents and do their household chores. Today is a miracle. I guess my kids are also happy because I gave them a chance to play today. This batch is better than last year. They are mature and they are willing to adjust to their classmates. Speaking of the spoiled kid it's been two days now that he is absent maybe he is sick. Get well soon to those kids who got sick. I hope that they are well now. Happy weekend my friend. God bless you

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puzzled and Confused

I'm not in the mood yesterday I was busy managing my papers and trying to fix things. I can't believe it that they are going to promote me. I'm surprised because I didn't apply for it but here I am shock when they were giving me the requirements for me to accomplish. I'm dumbfounded yesterday, all i did was to go to my school and to start requesting for my transcript of records. Sad to say I wasn't able to request it because when I came there the finance office was already closed. The good thing was, I was able to talked with my professor. She was happy to see me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to talk to her for too long because she have to attend a meeting. good thing was at least I was able to start talking to her for me to have my idea in what would be my thesis all about. I'm getting pressured and frustrated in school. The principal did not visit me. She got sick and she did visit other classroom except mine. ok lucky me or sad me? I can't tell. If she gets in I'm nervous if she don't I'm still nervous because she could get in my class anytime. The kids are ok but I'm not don't know maybe I'm just too exhausted. I just wanted to sleep and think of nothing. Pray for me thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Classroom News

It's a very muddy and wet tuesday today the rain didn't stop to fall. I wonder when this rain stops. It did stop but after awhile it drizzles. I got 30 kids out of 41 who were present today. I got worried about the kids who are absent because some of them have fever. I hope they get well soon. About my new haircut the kids were asking me, maam what happen to your hair? I told them I cut it short. they were surprised because I used to tie it before. Some like it some said why did you cut it maam? I can't please everybody I told them it's just for a change. I got a new update with the spoiled kid. I'm now in tune with spoiled kid. I really have the hard time adjusting to his attitude but now it is ok for me. We made agreements regarding his attitude. He is really immature and childish. I understand him but I made him realized that he is not the only pupil in my class. I see that he is really trying to cope with the adjustment of being a grade four pupil. Anyway, I keep on praying that someday he will change. By the way, I'm excited for tomorrow because the principal might get in my class. I'm ready for her visit. It is not yet final but I got to see her and talk to her with the kids if she gets in my class. God bless thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice day.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I went home early from school today. I was supposed to meet my professor but my friend did not text me ahead that he is going to school with me after class. Anyway it turn out that he was there waiting for me hoping that I will show up but I did go to school because I was thinking that he might not be there because he did not text me instead I went out and print forms. I'm kinda bit guilty but I guess it was not my fault he should have text me before the time or earlier. I'm glad that he was not mad at me but he went to our professor and set an appointment hopefully I'll be going there on Wednesday. It so happen that it rain so hard that I could not get out of the internet cafe which I have printed my papers because of the rain. luckily near the the cafe was my friend's beauty parlor without any plan I have my hair cut and my nails trimmed in no time. Funny my mother was shock when I went home because I got a new hair style. She was laughing at me she couldn't believe what I have done to my hair. I don't usually cut my hair without her consent. I think this one of the time which I have done something that I have decided myself. Whenever I have plans and do something I always consult my family well just for an haircut It's no big deal yet for me it is something because whenever I decided and plan something by myself I always make sure that in the end I won't regret and end up unhappy. I wish I'll grow up not in size and be independent but being a grown up and independent requires to be responsible and courageous to face the challenges in life. Maybe I've grown up and I'm responsible the only thing is that I'm still in my comfort zone yet only to find out that I'm already in the real world.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I visit my mom's friend who died last friday. I was suprised to know that she died. We always chat whenever we meet. I remember her as a fun loving and a happy person. She never run out of topics and chikas. I got emotional because I could still recall the last time we were together. We have so much fun talking and sharing of thoughts and experiences. I didn't know that she got lung cancer and they say that it is already stage four. I hope that she is happy now that she is already with God free from pain and sufferings. I wonder how it feels like to be dead. Everything happens at the right time and maybe it is already her time to go home and be with God.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

POEM 07-12-09

Rain fall down from the sky makes me think of the sky that burst into tears. Mixed Emotions that filled within flows down the droplets of rain in my space. Fall, fall down till the pain is gone. Shed tears until you have none. Share your life on us as our surroundings will be filled with your water. Spread the life giving water to those living creatures who thirst and long for you. Pour down rain let the ground clean up and clear the path for those who are lost so that they could find there way back home.

It's a rainy saturday afternoon

I spend whole day at home doing my household chores. I hope I could also finish my task in school today. I fix my room and clean up everything today. I'm almost done and after this I'll take a rest for tomorrow is another day. I'm kinda bit confuse but I'm trying to figure out how to schedule and prioritize the things I need to do. It's a cool saturday right here. I didn't got a chance to go out of the house. I wonder why these past few days the rain poured out every afternoon and now until this very moment the rain is still pouring down. My niece told me we should be happy that there is rain because for her rain is life. It gives life to the plants.Happy weekend my friend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Heart

My mother wanted me to visit the doctor but I guess I'm ok right here. I could manage myself. I guess now that I'm getting more bigger , I need to have my diet and reduce the intake of chocolates and softdrinks. I got to discipline myself. I got to do this or else I'll be maintaining medicine for high blood pressure and hypertention. My heart was never been broken eversince before so I got to take care of it. I won't let anyone not even such traitor disease will break this hehehe sound so serious right? no joke sometimes if I think too much about the current issues i need to resolve in my life and when I got angry and frustrated my heart really aches I hope and think that it is all psychological. This too shall pass I believe it will just pass.


Walang pasok bukas. hehhehe I love it when it is friday because it's the end of the week. thank God it's Saturday tomorrow no class and I'll probably be sleeping tomorrow in this cold weather. I will finally see my future mentor and tomorrow will be a new start for me. I got to focus now to my thesis proposal. wish me luck. happy weekend my friend.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

POEM 07-09-09


I'm ok I maybe shaken but I will never let myself fall.

They might hurt me but I will stand firm and endure the pain.

They might put me to the test and challenge me, then I'll take it.

Life may treat me bad but I'll never be fooled of its tricky game because in the end
I know in every battle I take I always win hehehehe

My lucky day

I'm happy because finally I got to talk with my parent. (about the SK) I understand how hard the situation is even if I'm not a mother. I could sympathize the sentiments of his mother. It's kinda complicated and the last thing his mom told me was ako na daw ang bahala sa kanya anak imagine that was a big responsibility but I take it anyway it's my job. I'm positive that this kid will change. I'll turn him as a proactive instead of being reactive. It's gradual and not abrupt. I will always think that it is possible and that he still have the chance to change his ways and that he could be a better person. I'm still busy and I'm still stuck with my mahiwagang thesis proposal. I'll finish this soon I wish my study will be approve. I'll be seeing my professor this saturday. Wish me luck

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The events of the day

Normally the spoiled kid rocks the class. He easily gets irritated with his classmates and when they tease him he gets angry. He was really angry that he wanted to make noise, hurt himself and do something to attract my attention. Naturally I told his classmates to be aware of his attitude and understand him because he is sensitive. I told them that we must give him space for him to see the whole picture of what is going inside the classroom because of him. in the meanwhile I told him ok, if you are angry release it somewhere but I was afraid he might do something but I let him release his anger what he did was he was hitting the wall with his hands it took me a few minutes to talk to him and ask him, "ok are you done?", what do you get from hitting the wall with your hands? then he was crying telling me that his hands turn into blue then I made him realized that nobody ever told him to do that and yesterday I already told him that he should ignore whatever is the things his classmate tease him because it's not true and that he would be looking like a fool if he takes and react to whatever his classmates tease him. He can't adjust to the attitude of his classmates because he thinks he is better than them and he thinks he is always right that everybody should follow him. After I talk to him he indeed realized that what he did was wrong. I talked to him reminded him that he will be the loser in the end if he reacts and hurts his classmates just because of such useless things that they say about him. He got calm and behave in the corner. I got so stress after that. It's really difficult I've heard his mom is already here all the way from Spain thank you I would be glad to talk to her and tell her everything about his son's behavoir. Changing him would took time I'm hoping he will change. God willing.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sleep, Sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I was so sleepy that I forgot that I got a lot of things to do. I sleep so early and I didn't even mind continuing my work in school, thats it I was really tired. I think that is ok as long as I still have the time to do my task I don't mind it. Anyway, I just got to be responsible for sleeping without working. No matter how I wanted to finish everything but my body could not do it anymore it's useless. So I just sleep and let things be. Honestly I'm piled up with a lot of work as in and they are also pressuring me that I'll be observe tomorrow. I'm not afraid because I know she won't get in my class, if she does I'll just show her what I got. I wonder how we could really give quality education if there is a lot of things ahead of us. All I know is that I'm doing my best to achieve quality education for the kids what is worst is that kids are giving me headaches when they wanted to be noticed at. The spoiled kid has shaken the classroom again. Now he knows that he is my problem. I don't care if he knows it at least he is already aware of it, Maybe in this way he knows where to place himself. I'm done with my tolerance now that I'm already full and through with my patience. I will really tell him he is out in the limit. I will be very honest to him and I will not just say what I wanted in the class, now I'll tell him straight what I wanted to tell him. Happy Day to all.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Losing someone you deeply love is a painful, I could not describe it. I hate goodbyes maybe that is the reason why I don't have any intimate relationship because I'm afraid to say goodbye. It is so sad that I've that my friend's husband passed away. Reading between the lines I really did cry when she shared her experience and even their love story. I don't have experience such a thing in loving someone, I mean being committed to someone but I could really feel the love they have for each other. It is a sad story. I hope she will be fine soon. I know God has all the reason and the purpose for everything.

My Day

Hi there. I'm kinda sleepy today because I didn't have any rest in the weekend but I'm ok. The spoiled kid does his stuff again. He is really different from his classmates. I got the hard time adjusting to his attitude. He is not like dennis d menace or perhaps calvin but he is really someone that I could notice in my class. anyway, I got to live with it, maybe from time to time He will change his attitude. I hope.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Seminar part II

The Community Mentoring program seminar was really an enriching and inspiring seminar. It was actually conducted by Silid Aralan Inc. a tutorial center which aims to help public school children who are academically challenge and underprivilege. They impart to us their techniques and new innovation in teaching school children. It was really a non-traditional, unique and effective strategies for the kids. I'll try to apply it to my kids. I also wanted to become their volunteer soon.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

poem 07-04-09

Thoughts to Ponder
It's ok to get hurt but don't let it destroy you.
It's ok to get angry but don't let it swallow you.
It's ok to fail but don't let it happen again.
It's ok to be lonely but don't make it last forever.
We got the choice in what to feel.
Our moods depend on how we respond to the things that happens to us.
Enjoy life. Remember we are the captain of our own ship.
Happy weekend my friend

I'm tired

I wanted to rest maybe later. I got a lot of things to do. Try fixing everything and all the things I need to fix. I just wish that a genie would pop out and grant my wish and my command, perhaps I would want to have a rest, I want that all my task will be done and that I will become the best teacher there is. hhehehe just dreaming but nothing is impossible anyway I just got to fulfill my dreams by moving forward and try to do the best possible ways to reach it, to walk an extra mile and to act on what I really wanted to happen. Have a great day my friend.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Busy Bee Part II

I thought I don't have work to do but I have lots of them. My Lesson plan, my performance target and my mahiwagang thesis proposal. I'm sure my professor is looking for me. If only she got my number she would probably be texting me now. Life is busy I'm starting to get confuse in what to do. I got chores in the house, I got nieces to take care of, I got nanay and tatay to look after and I got myself too hehehe. I'm ok after this, I will start doing the things I need to do. Lucky the two babies are now asleep I just hope they won't be waking up as early as one o'clock in the morning and play hehehe. I hope. God bless. Happy Weekend my friend.

The Seminar

The seminar I attended today was very inspiring. I felt really good about the topic this morning. It makes me do more and work more in the school. All I ever wanted is for kids to learn, to love learning and to never stop learning. I hope I could do more and be the best teacher that I can be. Tomorrow is another day. It's a three day seminar and I think it is ok even if I don't have my saturday rest.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Weekend Task

I'll be out in the class tomorrow for a seminar in reading. I got to distribute the entire class from the different sections in grade four. I hope they are going to be present tomorrow. I'll be back in school by 3pm for the General PTA offficers for the entire class. I don't want to go. I even wanted to be replaced by other teachers to handle this, but I have no choice because nobody is willing to do my job for five years as a contact person in NSTP going to school in a Saturday for reading tutorials for the kids in school and for the college students as tutors of the kids in reading. I'm already tired of this every year, I wish that they will move this to a community based program yet the children always begged me to let the tutorials be done in school sad to say not all of them would finish the tutorial for one school year due to some reasons. I hope kids will take this seriously this year because the tutorial is for free. All they need to do is to participate in the tutorial session. I wanted to give up on this but there is really something in me , telling me to continue as long as a non-reader exist in school I will not stop doing the tutorial unless if the university will not consider us anymore the "school" as their partner in their NSTP program.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm busy in class today. I got a lot of paper works to do and many pending papers to check and record. I don't know where to start but I just got to prioritize the things that are important and needed tomorrow. I'm slowly discovering the real attitudes of my kids. Sad thing many of them are spoiled brats. I try to fix that attitude. I don't like spoiled brats in my class. It irritates me. These kids wanted me to please them all the time. I let them realized that they are not the only kid in my class. I reminded them that not all of what they want should be followed. they must be aware and sensitive to others needs and presence. They need to adjust to the class. They should know how to conform to rules and that they must consider other's opinion. I understand because of the kind of family background they have. It's really hard to adjust in my part because I got to slowly explain to them what they should supposed to act and behave. tough job but I know I could do this help me God. Have nice day my friend.

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