Monday, April 26, 2010

Activities of the Week

Last week we have just started our Summer Reading Camp. I don't know really if I'm going to be excited about all these because for me it is was a surprised announcement from the principal's office. I don't have any choice but to join and serve anyway. I handle some interested incoming grade four pupils. I was kind a bit uncomfortable since I'm not really feeling well until now but I just got to attend this camp. The only thing that keeps me coming back is that the kids are very enthusiastic to learn. They got the energy that inspires me to be present everyday. I'm happy to know that there are still a bunch of kids that are willing to learn and to improve their skills in reading. Last Saturday I attended a seminar about labor laws with my former classmates in the graduate school. I feel so sad knowing I'm still hanging in my thesis proposal. Oh! come on my mentor change my topic for the third time and I guess I am to be blame for not working on it for a long time. I know I will have my time. I think I'm just as if doing something to complete it this thesis but honestly I'm still in page one still trying hard to find the right words to write. Please do pray for me thanks. Have a nice day my friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love the Earth

It is Earth day but it seems that the earth is not rejoicing today. The temperature is so warm and I feel that mother earth is trying to tell me that she is angry. Yes, I feel the heat that penetrates in my skin it's like fire submerge in my skin. I'm so sad to celebrate the earth day but I'm not losing hope that again if we join hands we could save the earth now. Let's start to do the cure now. We only got one planet and there are no more other places for us to live except here. Happy Earth Day to all of us. Let's be aware and continue to love our home after all we are the ones who live here not the other beings. Have a happy hot summer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ezra Band Girl Vocalist with differently abled Pianist from Pilipinas Got Talent

This is truly amazing and inspiring. Nothing is impossible if we try and never stop believing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Dreams do come true just believe in it and reach for the stars. I love this song it inspires me to go on with my thesis writing. I know I've been prolonging my agony in finishing it but I know that everything happens in the right time. Whatever happens I will never stop until I'm going to finish this battle. Good day my friends.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good News

I finally got to see my mentor today the sad thing was I need to change my topic from thinking skills to Science awareness. It's okay I guess this new topic will be much easier than the previous topic. I need to research and read more books about environmental issues that is happening around us. I just hope I could finish my thesis proposal this summer so that I could have my defense this first semester. I'm tired of thinking of this unfinish business in school. I hoping that I will graduate by next year. Please do pray for me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wacky Weather

I don't understand the weather today. When I went out of the house it started to rain but when I'm on my way to school the sun started to shine so brightly that I feel so irritated. The weather changes just as my mood changes too. When I'm done working in school it started to rain again. I wish that this tricky weather would stop playing on us. It also does change our plans of the day. I strongly believe that mother nature is really sick this time. I guess she is now letting us know and feel that we need to do something to solve global warming. Let's act now or else it will be too late. Doing this it should start within me like I should throw my garbage in the right place, minimize the use of air conditioners instead use fan, check products it should be environmental friendly, recycle things that could be converted to other use, reduce garbage, segregate garbage from non-biodegardable materials to biodegradable materials, avoid burning things, plant more trees and reuse the things that could still be use. It is a challenge to each and everyone of us to cure this sick planet. Act now my friends.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Day

I slept in the morning and when I woke up I did my household chores. My problem is that I still feel bored of my life. I have nothing to do. I wanted to do things that will keep me alive. I wanted to finish my thesis proposal but I don't know why I just can't move. I feel so helpless this time. I wanted to ask for help but I have no one to turn to. I wanted to lose weight this summer but at the back of my head I think it takes a lot of effort and hard work to lose weight but it seems like we always got a celebration here. Nanay prepares delicious foods like crabs, shrimps, adobo, and grilled fish. Almost everyday it is like living in a hotel with great food preparation. I guess nanay is testing me to have my self-control and discipline. I still didn't start with my plan like walking in the sports center or perhaps join a modern dance class just for fun. I don't have much time to waste I need to move or else it will be too late. I need to act now and let go of whatever fears and insecurities I'm feeling. Now, I realized that maybe I can't move because I dwell in the dark side of things and all the frustrating things I am experiencing right now. I need to have the courage in order for me to pursue my goals and for me to achieve them. I need to pray more I know God listens and God will help me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Power Dressing

My dresses are design and handpicked clothes by my mother. When I went to the wedding of my friend all my former classmates told me that the kind of clothes I wear are old fashions. I wear a slacks and a pink blouse. In my opinion wearing that clothes is not a problem. In dressing up I don't have much concern in the style but I go for where I am comfortable with. In my six years in the public school I tried really to look decent and at least not a bad dresser in school. I admit I don't have much dress as I could have since I'm not actually a fashion trendy. I only buy clothes if it is necessary and urgent. I don't buy but I went to a shop to have it sewed for me. My classmates suggested me to wear those clothes they term it "flirty clothes" a clothes that is above the knee skirt or more shorter, a sleeveless body fit blouse and a more colorful clothes. There is no wrong in their suggestion, I'm not offended of what they said and I'm not bothered at all. I just wanted to let them know that If I wore those clothes it will not be me anymore because I am not comfortable wearing those clothes. Trying new things also is not bad but for sure I'm not ready to wear those kind of clothes maybe someday.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vacation Blues

Hi friends I had a long vacation here in Cagayan de Oro and I attended a wedding ceremony yesterday in Medina, Misamis Oriental. It was the wedding of my friend Delia and her fiance. I had a greatest time in my life. The place is so peaceful, it a cool climate and there is no brown out in their place. I love to stay if I have the chance to choose I would probably make that place be one of the choices to pick. In my journey there, I witness a person who live her life alone ever since her husband died now that her successful children have their own lives. I felt that she is lonely but the she told us that the thing that helps her survive is singing. It is the music that lifts her soul and makes her happy. She had a great voice. I'm just glad that in her loneliness she had a way to divert it. In her loneliness she gain friends. I felt her sadness yet I believe that it is in our decision relies on what we are going to feel. Indeed I admire her of her courage and strength to live alone. Someday I wish I will not be alone.

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