Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Speechless

I have nothing to say. I guess I'm just too tired of our activity yesterday. We celebrated the culminating activity for the celebration of the Nutrition month. The class prepared a fruit salad. Everybody was excited and happy yesterday and they are all full. Kids love playing as always I let them play yesterday because we didn't have a formal class. They have so much fun and I just watch them running and playing outside the classroom. This batch of kids are different from last year they are obedient and they have this sense of responsibility. They have the heart and they take their studies seriously but of course there are still kids who I call baby. I have a pupil who is very intelligent. She is really good and show interest in her study. The thing that makes me so worried was she is different from her classmates. She got this behavioral problem. She easily gets irritated, she always wanted to be notice at and she changes moods once in awhile. Honestly, I have the hard time dealing with her but I always see to it that I will not appear as a bad teacher to her. I continue to help her out of her problem. The one thing I feel disappointed with is that she is really good, she got all the brains, beauty and talent to show yet because of her attitude she appears to be a failure because when she got her tantrums everything is ruin and what is hard is that she don't easily let go of her frustration and anger. She would prolong the burden and the hate she felt. I wish I could help her out since I'm going to be with her for ten months probably I could adjust to her attitude and help her resolve her unsolve issues in life. I'm seeking help and cooperation with her classmates maybe it would help her in anyway. This is my mission that I need to accomplish for this year aside from finishing my mahiwagang thesis. I wish God will help me. I'm sure He will. Have a happy weekend my friend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Blues

I don't know why I feel so sad.I've been keeping everything since summer. I think I need to see someone who could help me out of this chains I'm in. My class is fine. They are all good and I have set a boundary to let them know that I'm their teacher and they have to respect me or else if I don't in the end we will end up being like buddies which I think it is not good. School is telling me to join the ranking for a new promotions and position but I feel I'm not yet ready for a very big and difficult task to perform. I'm focusing now with my thesis proposal I'm not that real serious about it but my classmates told me that our dean and my mentor is always looking for me to finish and have my thesis proposal defense. I feel like i'm so trap really in a maze. I'm also kind of nervous because I knew that no matter how hard it is I have to go through with all of the pressures and difficulties in order for me to finish my thesis. I hope I could end this mission this year it's been a more than a decade now I need to end this. Life is quite focus now in school I wish I could balance everything. Have a nice day my friend.

Friday, July 02, 2010

My New Class

Hi I miss blogging for so very long. I've been busy lately. I'm having fun with my new batch of pupils. I kinda like them. I wish that these kids will be the best batch I will ever had. They are very energetic, talented and most especially they have pure talent and self-confidence. I like this batch. They are different. They love to sing, act and dance. They are very enthusiastic in almost all of the activities I'm giving them. I just hope they will continue to be like who they are now. I don't like to go through hardships of adjusting to their changing behavior. The new schedule is kinda a bit difficult at first. I got a hard time adjusting to it but as time passed by I got use to it. Our schedule for this school year was different from last school year if before we have one hour break now we don't we only have twenty minutes break for our lunch. Kids have to take their lunch inside their classroom. The best part was we go home early. Kids have no chance of going around the campus and wasting their time chatting, playing and cutting classes in a day. There is a least chance for kids to be absent in a half day. Have a happy weekend to all.

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