Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Aftermath

Election is already over. We are on our way to a new start. Millions of banners, leaflets, billboards and ads were all left on he streets. People were all curious who won the election. It was raining in here in Cagayan de Oro City last election day. There were still a lot of voters who wasn't able to vote because of the slow process since three precincts were clustered to one. My co-teachers experience election using the hi-technology machine for voting. They asked me why was I not able to serve and be a part of history? the only answer I could give was I wanted to experience how it feels to be part of the long line, meet new friends and get acquainted with our neighbors which I don't get to meet and talk everyday, watch the news and latest happenings on TV and most especially to see the real action in the outside world. I may have partly regretted why I was not able to serve in the election for the fact that there will be incentives and leave credits given to us teachers but I know that if I was there I could get sick and tired. I can't afford to get sick anymore what is important is that I have done my part by casting my vote and elect the candidates who I believe has all the capacity to take care of us and our country. The leaders that we must have chosen are the ones who have the big heart to beat for all of us, The one have a well shape brain who could think of brilliant ideas to make our country progress and prosperous, The one who have big ears to listen to all our problems and understand and be sensitive of the needs of each and everyone of us, The one who have hands that is hardworking and ready to help and serve us, and The one who have clean conscience and clean intentions in serving us without any hatred and issues in life that are yet to be solve. We are all human and we are not perfect. We are capable to make mistakes. The President and the rest of other officials are not magicians who could instantly solve our problems they just serve as our guide and leaders therefore we must do our responsibility as citizen in our country. Let's stop blaming, fighting and backstabbing each other what we need to do is to help each other build a better nation. Be models to the youth, be honest in all transactions, take care of our environment, stop the crab mentality, and most especially we must be loyal to each other. It is time for us to unite and be one. A broken nation is not a good example to our children. All of us wanted a big change in our country. If we need change it must start from within us. It must be a totally conversion. Ako ang simula sa pagbabago. Pagbabago na hinde lamang sa isip, sa salita kundi pati na rin sa gawa. We can never achieve the change that we long for if we don't change our ways and our attitude. This change must come from within us. It must be from the heart. We must be together and join hands in changing our country. It is not yet too late to do something. Besides this is our country who else could help us but we ourselves as citizens in our nation. Each and everyone of us has the our own roles to play even young kids can do their share. Let's not forget that we are all connected to each other. United we stand divide we fall. Let's take the challenge now before it is too late. We can do it. I believe we can do it.

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