Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sci-Dama-Water Patrol Clinic

It's been days since I blog. I just don't feel like sharing my thoughts. I've been pressured with my thesis and finally I'm working on not just my page one but with my chapter one yehey! I couldn't believe it but I'm almost done with chapter one. I attended a sci-dama clinic today. I'm not really good in sci-dama. It's my first time to join. The mechanics of the game is that each chips have different numbers on it then on the board there are two mathematical operations the more chips eaten with a more numbers to be added or scores the most lose the game but the few numbers added and less scores will win the game. Funny, I'm the only one in our school who join the clinic. I feel so alone I have to reach out with other participants. Fortunately some teachers from other schools accepted me in their group. I'm not used to join in grouping i'm ok being alone. In fact I don't have "barkadas" to hang out and chat with. I can live without a companion. The thing that I love being alone is that I feel I'm free and that I could do anything I ever wanted without anyone who bothers me. No man is an island anyway I still reach out and search for real friends. I hope someday I will find them. It's really a miracle because I won 2nd place in the sci-dama competition in the teacher's category. It was hard and I almost got the 1st place it's ok. I'm so happy and not only that, I also found new friends.

1 comment:

george said...

can you give me the complete list of water patrol an power patrol chips..tnx sir..

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