Friday, July 16, 2010

My Blues

I don't know why I feel so sad.I've been keeping everything since summer. I think I need to see someone who could help me out of this chains I'm in. My class is fine. They are all good and I have set a boundary to let them know that I'm their teacher and they have to respect me or else if I don't in the end we will end up being like buddies which I think it is not good. School is telling me to join the ranking for a new promotions and position but I feel I'm not yet ready for a very big and difficult task to perform. I'm focusing now with my thesis proposal I'm not that real serious about it but my classmates told me that our dean and my mentor is always looking for me to finish and have my thesis proposal defense. I feel like i'm so trap really in a maze. I'm also kind of nervous because I knew that no matter how hard it is I have to go through with all of the pressures and difficulties in order for me to finish my thesis. I hope I could end this mission this year it's been a more than a decade now I need to end this. Life is quite focus now in school I wish I could balance everything. Have a nice day my friend.


CaptainRunner said...

Have a nice day too Carms! Remember to breath :)

MinnieRunner said...

I really wish you could already finish your thesis Carms.

Best regards,

Yen said...

Hi carms, I'm pretty sure you can do it. So relax and take don't let pressure put you down. cheer my friend, and Pray.:-)

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