Friday, July 02, 2010

My New Class

Hi I miss blogging for so very long. I've been busy lately. I'm having fun with my new batch of pupils. I kinda like them. I wish that these kids will be the best batch I will ever had. They are very energetic, talented and most especially they have pure talent and self-confidence. I like this batch. They are different. They love to sing, act and dance. They are very enthusiastic in almost all of the activities I'm giving them. I just hope they will continue to be like who they are now. I don't like to go through hardships of adjusting to their changing behavior. The new schedule is kinda a bit difficult at first. I got a hard time adjusting to it but as time passed by I got use to it. Our schedule for this school year was different from last school year if before we have one hour break now we don't we only have twenty minutes break for our lunch. Kids have to take their lunch inside their classroom. The best part was we go home early. Kids have no chance of going around the campus and wasting their time chatting, playing and cutting classes in a day. There is a least chance for kids to be absent in a half day. Have a happy weekend to all.


CaptainRunner said...

That sounds great Carms! Hope you'll have the same energy (as well as your pupils) throughout the school year.

God Bless and happy weekend too!

MinnieRunner said...

Have a happy weekend too Carms! I hope you'll have a blast with your new set of pupils.

ejaz14357 said...

I hope you'll have a blast with your new set of pupils.

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