Sunday, July 17, 2011


This school year is the most challenging year for me. For the fact that I have a new set of pupils from a fast learner 2 class. I don't want to handle such group but I was given the task to handle them. I'm kinda bit pressured since people in school have a lot of expectation from me. I'm so scared honestly because I might fail their expectation but as time and days went by I realized that I should not be scared or worried about it as long as I'm doing my job, I'm doing my best as a teacher and I didn't hurt anybody or step on their people's right I should not be shaken then. I got hurt when they speak something that would hurt my feelings, but that is their opinion I should respect their opinion otherwise I would die of heart attack or cancer perhaps. I just got to do my job and do it perfectly as it should be. I'm just human I got hurt and I commit mistakes. I just hope that people would stop talking and judging me as if they are gods. I know myself.I know what I'm doing and in everything that I do there is a purpose and reason. I hope that these people would realize that what they are doing to me is wrong. It's ok I just got to forgive them and just take everything they say as a challenge for me to do better, to stand out from the rest, and to be the best teacher there is. Have a happy day my friend. (",)

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