Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm so tired already but I just couldn't figure it out why I still have the strength to go on and move on with life. Maybe because God wills that I have to stay strong in spite of all the things I'm going through right now. I still wish people is going to stop hurting me. I'm tired of being affected with all these people. I should not be listening to them but they keep on bothering me now for months. I'm hopeful that they are going to stop it and starting to accept everything. I hope not too soon. Just got to go with the flow and just be it. I just got to continue to smile and let things be. I hope I could still endure all things I'm going through right now. i know I'm not alone and God is here for me. I just hated when people is measuring and testing my patience otherwise I could be just doing the things they want me to do. I promise myself not to do it and that is to fight back or lose my temper. I just got to stay in control and just doing everything the best that I could. As long as I'm not hurting and stepping on others rights I continue to move on and fulfill my mission. Life has to go on no matter what happens

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