Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just For a Thought

I look at life as I see a dying person fighting for his life.
I feel how love is strong as I comfort a broken hearted friend.
I notice growth as I look at the tree that was once shorter than me.
I see light as the sun shines covered the sky.
I have faith when I feel I have no one to turn to.
I see hope as each day unfolds my life.
In every breath I take, I know I'm not alone.

1 comment:

madz said...

Carms, napakapositive mo talaga magsulat. I love the first two lines. Pero syempre the whole poem is indeed inspiring. Dapat talaga we should see life as if it's the last day hindi ba? Para we won't die with regrets.

God Bless!

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