Monday, December 14, 2009

Kris Kringle

The kids are now very excited for their Christmas party. They are all busy preparing for their presentations and for their gift. This year is so far the most cheapest amount they voted for the gift expenses and that is ten pesos. They have all agreed to buy school supplies for their kringles. Many children could not believe how we come up with ten pesos but it was the majorities decision so we just got to follow it. They also has this unique gift giving style they told me girls will have different gift giving group same with the boys. Ever since I started working in the school I never did decided anything for the class I let them do the decision but if I won't agree with it they don't have a choice we just got to make a compromise thing. This year's batch of kids are different they are more cooperative and obedient than last year. I could not help but to reveal and remember what happen last year because last year even if there is already a decision the other group of kids won't give in they wanted to do what they want even if it is impossible. What I did I allowed them do what they want both groups. In the end everybody was happy and they all enjoy the party. I guess I also learned that if we really want that thing to happen we must work for it, never give up and to really stood and fight for it no matter what. hehehe

1 comment:

Jag said...

Paskong pasko na talga...nkakalungkot wala mn lng ganyn dito hayz!

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