Sunday, August 17, 2014

Instructional Supervision

I am so happy that our principal announced that we are going to have a visitation and observation with our supervisor. We are so prepared that we can't wait to see and welcome her inside our room. The moment came the time we have been waiting for. I was expecting to learn something from the supervisor but sad to say when she found out that I don't have the copy of the curriculum she is looking for she started insulting me and she was questioning me of my credibility as a teacher. I was so disgusted, humiliated and suffocated in my ten years of my life as a teacher. I was disappointed I thought I could be given help or assistance but all I get was a hurtful comment and accusation. I was hurt and discourage. I could say she did not perform her job well. Research says Education supervisors can work in all levels of schooling. Most commonly, education supervisors work as principals or assistant principals in elementary and secondary schools. These professionals are charged with leading the school to meet accountability standards set by local, state and national government agencies. Principals and assistant principals supervise teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff, such as secretaries, bookkeepers and custodial workers. Their responsibilities can also include budgeting, designing or implementing curriculum or programs, planning school events and evaluating teachers.(diploma guide) I was  expecting her to guide me by providing me the curriculum herself she was looking for and yet for the fact no one and not even her provided me with such copy as well as giving me training to make my work as smooth as it should be. Sad to say all she did was insult me in front of my parents and my pupils. She is receiving a higher salary than I but for sure she don't deserve not a single centavo of her salary. All she did was to brag of herself in fact she did not accomplish anything. Little knowledge is dangerous. Maybe its about time that teachers will have a voice and be heard.Why not teachers will also rate supervisors who supervises them. This will show how effective they are in mentoring, guiding , and supervising them. Education fails not only because of the pupils and teachers itself, why not blame it to the administrators? why can't they are not to be blame after all they are the ones that are responsible for letting all the teachers implement this programs and new innovations. They are the prime movers to move, motivate and coach teachers to be at their best and not to pinned them down. I'm saying this because I am the victim here. I believe I must be treated well not because I am one of the teachers of the institution where i teach but because for the fact that I am human I deserve to be respected and to be treated as I should be.

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