Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Catching Up The Deadlines

I've been very busy lately. I still have pending jobs to be done but I know I will finish all of them today. I need to keep going because the school year is almost over. I'll be more busier next week than this week. I'm ok I'm not really tired but just sleepy. The school is going to end this March 31. Some kids are excited, some are not, and some just don't care. I do make sure they are all present for the whole month of March without unreasonable absences. Teachers got their training seminar for the electronic election. I'm not going to serve this coming election. I'm afraid that my pneumonia will strike again. I won't take any chances. Hospital bills are so expensive I can't afford to be sick. I got to go for now. I miss posting my thoughts. Have a nice day


MinnieRunner said...

It's alright Carms. Just post when able. Will be waiting for you. Do finish your deadlines first :)

Vernz said...

In case you do, I think it would be an experience serving having the new system ... di ba?

dropping by carms..

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