Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes I'm Happy with my work

Our NSTP class area work ended today. It was so sad because it means we are saying goodbye to each other. I remember when I had my skills training for this batch of college students, I was kind of afraid that they might not listen or they might find me boring but I was wrong. They were very enthusiatic and excited for their area work. Indeed they were really good they did well in their tutorial session with the kids but of course difficulties are part of it and through that difficulties they encounter, they were able to learn how to adjust, adapt and experiment new ways how to capture the child's attention. I can relate to that because I teach kids and I work with them. Normally people get tired. Sometimes I am too inspired to do my work and sometimes not. Honestly, I get tired, frustrated and bored with my work I'm just human but I'm proud to say that I'm not giving up because giving up means I'm truly defeated. This is my mission in life and I have to fulfill it. All I can say is that I'm happy with my work. If I'm not I could have just resign, be a always absent even if I'm well and I could have always go to school super late. Everyday I tried hard to do my best for my kids and for the school. I work 6 days a week even if I had a choice just to have that 5 days of work. I recall then when I was working in a bank I really did miss the fun in school. Teaching is not only a profession but it is a vocation. I listed a lot of things that makes me happy but those things that I listed are just things I play, read, and do while I'm not working in school pretty ironic since the things I listed are the things that are not supposed to be brought in school. I make sure to relax and enjoy life to meet the balance. All work without play makes one dull and boring. Have a happy week my friend.


Chris said...

i would like to let you know i have an award for you

Vernz said...

That's spirit Carms .... I can teach the whole day, I can talk the whole day.. but one thing I hate about this vocation? .. checking papers LOL! jowk..

MinnieRunner said...

Exactly Carms, teaching is not only a profession, it's a vocation! Kudos to you!

Paulo said...

It's good to be always happy with our work Carms; regardless of the hardwork. God Bless!

MinnieRunner said...

Hi Carms, I'm here again. Hope you're still happy. :)

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