Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Ironically today there is no brown out but we are going to take part with the Earth hour. For a few minutes the whole lights in the house will be turn off. It is better this way at least it is one way of showing that we have to save the earth. Imagine in the primitive times where there is no electricity people could still live a comfortable life even though they are just using fire as their light. Technology is continually progressing. It's like a disease that spread out fast without any cure. People are more creative and innovative in discovering and creating new things. There is no wrong in progressing but one thing we should remember that in creating something it must be good and environmental friendly. We only got one planet what if this planet will die and we will be destroy? Where will we live? We better save the Earth before it is too late. Save the earth. Do something that will help heal our planet. Let's join together my friend before it is too late.


MinnieRunner said...

Let us all join hands in saving our planet.

Laikka said...

halu..visiting here.. kumusta kana?

CaptainRunner said...

We joined the Earth Hour program at SM Marilao near our place. It is indeed overwhelming to partake in such event.

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