Thursday, October 01, 2009

Better late than absent

I'm taking things slowly but surely but the problem is what if I would be late for the deadlines, speaking of late I noticed that this week I almost got late everyday for school yikes I know I'm not being a model to them at this point in time. I'll try my best to wake up early probably tomorrow. I don't want to be late its just that I just woke up at 6am then when I'm out waiting for the vehicle it would take me years to wait. life seems mixed up. I'm trying to fix it anyway. I've been through a lot of task in school and I'm glad they are all done. The thing I'm worried are the grades of my kids. My grades are still waiting for me to calculate them I wish I could finish them by this week. I've finished some subjects but there are still pending more. yes! there will be no area work this Saturday but I got to be there for the students who are in charge in setting up the peace park in school. I'm busy this week for the GSP investiture. I wish they will be ready for it because I think they are not. I wish I have a partner to trained them I'm not martyr or a saint I might as well seek help with my co-teachers with a matching puss in boots look in Shrek the movie hehehe. Have a happy day ahead. Do pray for the flood victims in the Philippines.

1 comment:

odds and ends said...

Oh, that's my problem too Carms ~ being late! I am really working hard on my body clock so as to be at the office on time. God Bless!

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