Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The mask

I've been lazy lately. It just that I was so upset to one of my pupils. It is no big deal now I have forgiven her anyway but the only thing changes was that I don't trust her anymore. It pains me to remember that I put my trust on her and yet she broke it in her own way. I don't want to tell what happen to protect her. I thought she was true but now I found out that she is wearing a mask. amazing because she deceives me so badly. At least now her true self was revealed. I learned my lesson now that I should just not trust easily but knowing myself I don't actually trust that easily i just chose her because I really thought she is sincere. Next time I would always have to choose who is worthy and reliable. Have a cool day friends it is raining here in our place.

1 comment:

MinnieRunner said...

But I guess Carms, it is not you who should regret it, but your student.

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