Friday, October 16, 2009

The Good Son

I have a pupil who is a head turner to all his classmates not because he is good in the class but because he has his attitudes that his classmates don't like. He teases, make fun and hurt his classmates in so many ways. Everytime he do all these things naturally I always see to it to tell him what is right and what he should supposed to treat his classmates. I do believe that he can actually be a good boy. I wonder why he is like that. In a long time of waiting I finally able to talk with his mother. The thing was the statement of his mother and father are different from each other. When I have encounters with them. I'm kind of confused of whom to believe. For his dad he is not good. He even told me that he is an headache to his mother but when I talked to his mother she told me that of all her sons he is the most kind and responsible. I'm so puzzled that I could not believe of what she told me. I come to realized that maybe they really have a problem in their family in which his mother wanted to keep it. It is unbelievable when the child displays a different person in the class far different from who he is at home. There must be a problem behind it. The thing that I choose to believe was that in his life there must be an empty space that needs to be fill that is affection, attention and love.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

Doesn't he need to have some counseling Carms?

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