Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worrying is No Good

Just imagine how we look like when something is bothering us inside. When we worry we put all ourselves into a difficult situation. Our body will be affected and our moods as well as our relationship with others. Worry can make one sick, it can waste our energy and make us stagnant. I've been fighting to stop worrying yet when that terrible phenomenon happens in me, I got so shaken,confused and upset. I just got to put my trust in God. Everything happens for a reason and He is in charge of everything. I have nothing to do but to keep on believing that things will get better soon. I wish someone could give me a happy pill that would lift my spirit but I just got to go with the flow because when things happens it happens and I must got to co-operate with the inevitable. Accept the thing that happened then to courageously face the reality and to just let it go like it never happened at all. Have a worry-free weekend friend.

1 comment:

kimmy said...

you're right. we have to learn to let go of our worries and entrust to the Lord whatever's bothering us. nice post!

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