Friday, November 28, 2008


I always wanted to become a writer but I never was. Yes, my dream of following the footsteps of my grandfather was never fulfilled. Here is it, I finally got the guts of creating this little article I made to somehow fill my life long dream of becoming a writer.
As a young child I always taught by my parents to be sensitive. Yes, indeed for years of my existence in this world I always been very sensitive and observant of the things happening within myself, my family, my classmates and teachers in school, my friends, In the community I lived in and even to strangers I met.
I’m naturally sensitive because in our family we were brought up by our parents to be sensitive not just for ourselves but also for other people. I’ve been through a lot of things, I met people of different personalities and I have gone through a lot of situation that calls me to be sensitive especially when I have my immersion at Lumbia with the Matanog family.
I’m not perfect as well I also did commit mistakes especially when I got my moods I failed to recognized that my mother would be disappointed of me. When I’m through and when my mood is back to normal that’s when I realized that what I did was wrong that was too late. I wasn’t able to be aware that she would be hurt when I did that thing. There was a time when I realized that I have given her too much pain and agony inside her that her tears fall down in her cheeks. It made me open my heart and my mind that I should be sensitive at all times even if I got my moods I should think first of what I ought to do and what I have to say. No matter how bad is my mood. I also learned how to control and how to prevent it by just having that self-control and self-discipline. It takes time but it’s worth the effort of trying to be a sensitive person at all times.
The word “sensitive” is often been misinterpreted. Yes there are people who are sensitive in an immature way that even for a small thing they would immediately get hurt and touched by their egos. Being sensitive in a mature way calls for a person with great patience, endurance and humility.
Just recently I met people who are very insensitive. It was so hard dealing with them because it doesn’t makes me the real person I am, it made me someone who ignores a little shortcomings and simply made me a person who doesn’t care for others feelings. Lucky me! I’m still on the right track. I’m still the person with the sense of sensitivity. Sometimes it just got into my nerves. I shouldn’t be giving any attention to them but I can’t, since I care for them and I guess it’s my mission in life to help them change to be sensitive, to be real and to be someone who would empathize to other people’s shoe.
I wonder why there are people who are insensitive. To think that we are all called to be sensitive. No matter who we are, where we from, what we’ve been through and what we would become. We must be sensitive to the feelings of other people; we must be sensitive to the needs of others and be aware of the words we say. We might not noticed that people would be hurt, exploited, insulted and rejected if we were tactless and impulsive of our action. We must always bear in our minds that they are also people like us. Yes like us. TAO TULAD KO, TULAD MO MAY PUSO AT MAY


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