Friday, November 28, 2008


Miracles do happen. Yes, I do believe in miracles even though I just seldom experience miracles in my life. I always wanted to finish my masters’ degree. Whenever I do something I plan and worked for it. I didn’t expect that miracle will happen to me that day. I could still recall how I was coping with my depression because of some circumstances that my family is facing all these times. I felt like a hopeless case because whenever it is enrollment time I don’t get the subjects that are required for me because the school didn’t offer it. Let me say that I’m a veteran student in the department almost all of my classmates were already enrolled to a PhD class. I was left behind it’s not a race anyway it was my fault and my choice to stay, stop and relax for a couple of years. When I went to the office I felt so rejected and lost because I have to fill up again all the forms I have filled before and it was as if I’m new to the department. I got so embarrassed that I could no longer enroll myself because I already have exceeded three units in my major subjects. The secretary told me to see the dean to talk about my plight. I got so very nervous conversing with her miraculously everything went well. Surprisingly I never expected that I’m going to be taking my comprehensive exam this May. Wow! I never thought of taking the exam it was not with my plan at all. It was a shocking miracle to me. When I went out of the school, I immediately went to church to hear mass. Before the mass I joined a novena when suddenly I remembered that last month my co-teacher borrowed my calculator which I am using in my statistics class and she did not yet return the calculator. I thought of that calculator while I was kneeling down the kneeler. Then I transferred to another sit. When suddenly somebody sat beside me it was my co-teacher who borrowed my calculator and told me that she has been looking for ways to find me to return the calculator. I was really happy and surprise how God has planned everything for me that he allows me to take my comprehensive exam this year. I was touched by his kindness and grace despite of the trials and obstacles that I’m going through right now. God made me feel of his presence that time. I was moved to tears when I realized that God loves me. I found out that miracles do happen if we only believe.

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