Friday, November 28, 2008

My wild imagination-A poem about the bud

I'm like a bud that was pulled by an innocent child in the garden where full of bud's like me were yet to bloom.
Yet my destiny is to bloom in no time. It's either to choose if I'm going to die or to hold on to the waters i'm in.
It would be my choice if I'm going to stay as a bud or open myself and bloom as I should be.
It was hard, I have to think and find ways for me to survive for me to live or just let things be and give in to the risk of drowning myself and die.

As time goes by luckily, i have survived, endured and surpass my plight. Through all the difficulties, I know that it made me stronger and faithful to someone who is greater than me.


Yen said...

Hi carms,
nice poem. kip up the good post.

Carms said...

hi yen thanks there is more poems in my older post like this God bless

Imelda said...

ty for the comment in my post. u indeed write good poems, keep it up!

madz said...

Nice one Carms, I guess you are talking about crossroads? Following your heart's desire :)

paulo said...

Nice poem Carms. So what are you now? A bud or a flower? :)

Carms said...

I think I'm now a flower

odds and ends said...

A very lovely flower Carms :D

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