Friday, November 28, 2008

I fall in love with a Gay

I didn’t plan it nor did I dictate my heart to fall in love with him. It just happens and I have no one to blame but my foolish heart. I never felt this way before it’s like magic. I can’t explain what I’m feeling inside could this be love or was it only me who feels this way. I wouldn’t care. I know that deep in my heart he got a space in my heart. Whatever happens I will always love him for who he is and for what he have become as a person. There are a lot of questions that bothers me that still remains a mystery. But I’m hoping someday I would know the reason why, why I fall for him. No one could ever tell how long will I feel this way. Yet I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it because I know deep in my heart that this feeling is true. No matter how long it takes I’m going to wait for the right time to say this to him and No matter how he rejects me and make me feel bad of my love for him I’m still going to bare the pain just to let him know the real thing. I know I don’t even exist to him it’s ok what matters most is that I discover that I can love somebody that I’m not numb. The thing is I don’t expect him to love me back just want him to know how I appreciate him as a person.

1 comment:

MinnieRunner said...

That's pretty interesting Carms. So, have you told him already?

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