Friday, November 28, 2008

My thoughts 10 years ago

There were so many times I have ignored people’s feeling only considering mine. I never realize in so many reflections and realization that I got, they are not the only one who commits mistake I too makes mistake. Yikes, I do feel guilty about that. What I learned from my experience is that I must not only think of my own understanding and my own opinion but I must also look into the other side of it and consider some underlying reason behind that person or in such situation. I admit that’s the common mistake I always committed. It drives me crazy, maybe because I’m paranoid. My mind thinks in advance. It’s always been the case. Sometimes what I think could be right and many times it is wrong. When that happens I really hate myself because it would really ruined my day and I got too emotionally disturbed.

I really wanted to avoid this kind of attitude I got. Just these past few weeks, my teacher gave us our grades I’m quite unsatisfied with it. I can’t accept it then I started to turn my world into a chaos situation, I started saying bad things, cursing and uttering words of regret. Not knowing that our teacher have a miscalculations of our grades. Yikes, I feel so guilty receiving a nice grade. I feel so sorry for what I did. The keyword is this, we must not think of the bad things that will or might happen to us otherwise it just come to happen. We really don’t know what will happen. We must not judge things otherwise we are wrong. The point is that we must learn to be open-minded, to be positive thinkers, to be sensitive and to be very understanding at all times. But if things got to worst, we have no choice but to accept it, not only to the situation itself but also to the person involved and to the person who have hurt us. It’s hard especially if our pride overshadowed us and we don’t admit that we too have our shortcomings. Most of the time we are too selfish to look into the other side because we only consider our own feelings not knowing that we too have committed a mistake. We must always be aware of the action we take because otherwise we unconsciously hurt others feelings we don’t know maybe that person has problem or maybe that person also has unresolved issues in life. There is a popular saying that we people always expect what we can get from others not thinking of what we can give and how long we are going to give. Thinking that they didn’t accept us in the way we are and asking the question if in return did we also accept them of who they are?

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