Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I got a new class to teach tomorrow. I may have fewer subject to teach now since I gave the two additional subjects back but I got a new class to teach with. Adjustment again but I'm ok especially that I got to teach my favorite subject in this new class. yehey! sad to say one of the teachers in my class is being pulled out due to some reason that I could not control anymore if only she did not do such a thing she could still be teaching my class. I'm also sad thinking too that I could no longer teach her class. I will miss the kids and all the fun that we did in the class but that is life after all. I have to help the school instead giving additional burden to madam. I maybe saying ok but deep inside I felt a deep lost in losing maam lilian in the class. She is a good teacher, a traditional type one a perfect disciplinarian and a smart teacher too. Sometimes I don't like the idea that we give much favor to the kids. They could do stuff in the class which we don't like and whatever happens still people would protect them even if what they are doing is wrong. The blame is all put to the teacher then if the teacher commits a mistake then they will file charges against the teacher from child abuse. I'm not saying we should not give benefits to the kids no not still the child has all the rights to enjoy living ones life what I'm after is that disciplining should be distinct from abuse. Kids now is much different from kids before. They tease teacher, They do things without any fear of hurting anyone and they have no focus in what they need to really do with their life. Often teacher who discipline kids were being charge with child abuse without considering the side of the teacher. My best advice to parents is to discipline their kids first before they enter the class. The teacher's job should only be teaching the kids to learned and to grow into a mature and responsible child. I guess what is hard is that we become like parents to them. The painful fact is that even if we treat them like our own they won't see the value of it maybe for some kids but for others who have unresolved issues they won't give importance to the efforts extended to them. This the sad fact anyway they have their own life and choices to choose we could not force ourselves to be accepted and be reciprocated.

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odds and ends said...

It really seems to be complicated Carms. But I am more interested on your fave subject. What was it?

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