Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got dizzy thinking....

Hi it's been a week. I'm so busy doing a lot of things in school. I'm ok yet tired. My nieces got sick. I also got sick but feels like it's a natural thing in me whenever I get sick I'm already numb and capable of enduring the pain I'm feeling inside. I don't entertain the pain that I'm feeling I always put in mind that it's only in the mind. Kids get so excited for summer vacation they are trying to be so relaxed in their studies. I'm trying to be a little bit firm but kind to them right now in order that they will get good grades in the fourth quarter. I think it is working. I got to pray harder and think positive about it. I'm not giving up that some of these kids will grow up and be mature enough to be responsible in their studies. I wanted them to change their attitude to become better individuals in our society. I know change is difficult but I know maybe not tomorrow but someday these kids will realized the true importance of Education in their lives and they will find the true path they should take. I wish that they will not be lost in the end. Let them decide the right decisions and teach them to choose the best choices in life. I always have a thought about this, each and every one of us are all lucky in this world, it is in our decisions and choices in life makes us hits the jackpot. We are the writer of our own story, the captain of our ship and the one who holds our life. God has given us the freedom to choose but we must always remember our limitations. We must make good decisions and best choices in life and most importantly use our freedom correctly. My kids will soon be grown up I hope they will learn everything about life.


amiable amy said...

carms delete amy200686 sa imo email add ug IM kay na hack ako email...naa lain gagamit ... naa na 2 ka victims abi nila ako...mangayo gani favor ug mag open business...ayaw tuo..

MinnieRunner said...

I'm pretty sure Carms that they will be making the correct choices someday. And they will thank you for that.

Vernz said...

tumpak Carms.... they will I'm positive .... and humans are destined to learn ... LOL!


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