Friday, February 19, 2010

Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

Everybody's dream is to find the real happiness. It is one of our mission in life to search for our happiness. Through this Sweet Badge I have the opportunity to share the things that makes me happy. This Sweet Friends Badge was given to me by Vernz of In This Side of Town. Thank you so much Vernz for this because it reminds me of the things that makes me happy.
Here are the Ten Things That Makes Me Happy

1. My Family/Relatives
2. My Job
3. Friends-True Friends
4. PSP
5. Computer games
6. My favorite food
7. My eyeglasses
8. Books
9. Ballpen Collections
10. Latte Gadget
I'm passing this badge of Happiness to
Have a nice day everyone!


Vernz said...

Hi Carms .... you deserve it....Be happy! keep blogging ... LOL!

medic / scribbler said...

Hello, Carms! Thanks for this badge of Happiness. I'm happy that my blog gets noticed by friends. :)

I already posted this on my blog, Jenie passed this badge to me also last week.

Again, thanks!

Gandhi Anwar said...

nice share.. but do are you sure that your work is the the top five of them? Hm... ^^

MinnieRunner said...

Thanks for sharing this badge to me Carms. I already posted this on my new blog:

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