Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tired Feeling

I feel so tired I don't know why to think that I didn't really do much today. The kids are naturally and normally playful as always. I don't like that I idea but its just the way they are. There are some things that I wanted to change but it's just not beyond my power. I just got to live with it or else I'm going to say goodbye to this noble job of mine. I got to stay focus on my job and do good with it. Trials, difficulties and obstacles are always a part of it. Sometimes I wanted to give up but I don't know what keeps me going. There is just something that keeps holding me back and controlling me to never ever give up. I hope I still could endure that difficulty and sacrifices I'm going through right now. As long as I'm still having that something I need to hold on to it and never ever letting go of it. God is not sleeping. I know He is always here in my side. Have a nice day my friend.


puzzle said...

Have a nice day too Carms. Whenever you feel tired, rest. Just rest. :)

medic / scribbler said...

Maybe you're experiencing a burnout. How about a short break from work?

Hang on! :)

odds and ends said...

Hope you had a wonderful day Carms.

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