Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm here again

I've been keeping my thoughts for days now. We are adjusting to our new madam in school. She is kind a bit different from our former madam. She radiates her energy to us enormously. New changes are quite difficult to follow. It's hard but I think I like her style. She does challenges me to do my work on time and inspires me to go to school everyday even if I'm sick. I'm not winning her heart nor making myself notice at. I just wanted to do things right even if I'm already tired. I'm almost giving up. I'm still here and I have to continue my mission and fulfill my visions in life as a teacher. When the time is finally over then I could make my decisions and make it into reality. If my calling is really for teaching then I will pursue it no matter what. This is a dream come true to me. This my life now. I know quitting is not a best option. I must face my plight or else I'll keep running way from the things that I don't want to resolve and end up being a loser and someday these things will haunt me if I will allow myself to quit and waste everything I have worked for. I know regrets will always comes at the end. Before it's late, I make sure that I have enough power ups and energy to go on- prayers and faith in God is my weapon. Have a nice day my friend.


Vernz said...

you'll get a hang of it soon ... hang on lang ..LOL!

odds and ends said...

I guess you had received a lot of energy Carms, I can feel it from your post :)

MinnieRunner said...

Have a nice day too Carms :)

Vernz said...

Carms, I have something for you in my blog follow this link ..


MinnieMadz said...

Hi Carms, how's your VDay?

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