Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is

Yesterday was Hearts Day. My nanay and tatay had their yearly date. Me, I stayed at home and sleep all day. I was preparing also for the New Year. I stayed up late watching fireworks and just listening to some fire crackers. Some of my friends greeted me Happy Valentines Day. This made me think of some things about love. Love is a strong and a powerful thing in this world. It could hurt us, it can make us happy and above all it makes things possible no matter what. In love there is no impossible. If you have a little love in your heart be grateful because that love will save you someday but if you don't love at all in your heart it only indicates that one will become miserably unlucky in this world. Keep on loving and never get tired to give love. The more love you give the more blessings you will receive. Stay in love forever.


MinnieMadz said...

I will surely stay in love forever Carms.

Got an award for you!

puzzle said...

Happy ♥s Day!

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