Monday, April 26, 2010

Activities of the Week

Last week we have just started our Summer Reading Camp. I don't know really if I'm going to be excited about all these because for me it is was a surprised announcement from the principal's office. I don't have any choice but to join and serve anyway. I handle some interested incoming grade four pupils. I was kind a bit uncomfortable since I'm not really feeling well until now but I just got to attend this camp. The only thing that keeps me coming back is that the kids are very enthusiastic to learn. They got the energy that inspires me to be present everyday. I'm happy to know that there are still a bunch of kids that are willing to learn and to improve their skills in reading. Last Saturday I attended a seminar about labor laws with my former classmates in the graduate school. I feel so sad knowing I'm still hanging in my thesis proposal. Oh! come on my mentor change my topic for the third time and I guess I am to be blame for not working on it for a long time. I know I will have my time. I think I'm just as if doing something to complete it this thesis but honestly I'm still in page one still trying hard to find the right words to write. Please do pray for me thanks. Have a nice day my friends.


Yen said...

Hi Carms, everythng will be alright in your thesis, kaya mo yan sis. Will pray for your success. I admire your dedication to teach childrens. Saludo ako sayo sis!

MinnieRunner said...

I will pray for your Carms. Akala ko kapag bakasyon, bakasyon din ang mga teachers. You were really a busy bee.

CaptainRunner said...

You had a lot of activities Carms. God Bless!

MinnieRunner said...

Hi Carms, you still in Mandaluyong?

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