Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love the Earth

It is Earth day but it seems that the earth is not rejoicing today. The temperature is so warm and I feel that mother earth is trying to tell me that she is angry. Yes, I feel the heat that penetrates in my skin it's like fire submerge in my skin. I'm so sad to celebrate the earth day but I'm not losing hope that again if we join hands we could save the earth now. Let's start to do the cure now. We only got one planet and there are no more other places for us to live except here. Happy Earth Day to all of us. Let's be aware and continue to love our home after all we are the ones who live here not the other beings. Have a happy hot summer.


Yen said...

Happy Earth day Carms,thank you for giving me info regarding my comment box:-)

MinnieRunner said...

Hope everybody make a fair share in loving our Planet.

CaptainRunner said...

Happy Earth Day Carms!

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