Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wacky Weather

I don't understand the weather today. When I went out of the house it started to rain but when I'm on my way to school the sun started to shine so brightly that I feel so irritated. The weather changes just as my mood changes too. When I'm done working in school it started to rain again. I wish that this tricky weather would stop playing on us. It also does change our plans of the day. I strongly believe that mother nature is really sick this time. I guess she is now letting us know and feel that we need to do something to solve global warming. Let's act now or else it will be too late. Doing this it should start within me like I should throw my garbage in the right place, minimize the use of air conditioners instead use fan, check products it should be environmental friendly, recycle things that could be converted to other use, reduce garbage, segregate garbage from non-biodegardable materials to biodegradable materials, avoid burning things, plant more trees and reuse the things that could still be use. It is a challenge to each and everyone of us to cure this sick planet. Act now my friends.


your-lyric said...

yeah... maybe its the green house effect.. or maybe it 2012 prophecy coming true..aaaaAAHH

MinnieRunner said...

Really Carms, we do need to act now before it's too late.

CaptainRunner said...

Now, the weather is too hot. Hope it would subside already.

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