Sunday, April 11, 2010

Power Dressing

My dresses are design and handpicked clothes by my mother. When I went to the wedding of my friend all my former classmates told me that the kind of clothes I wear are old fashions. I wear a slacks and a pink blouse. In my opinion wearing that clothes is not a problem. In dressing up I don't have much concern in the style but I go for where I am comfortable with. In my six years in the public school I tried really to look decent and at least not a bad dresser in school. I admit I don't have much dress as I could have since I'm not actually a fashion trendy. I only buy clothes if it is necessary and urgent. I don't buy but I went to a shop to have it sewed for me. My classmates suggested me to wear those clothes they term it "flirty clothes" a clothes that is above the knee skirt or more shorter, a sleeveless body fit blouse and a more colorful clothes. There is no wrong in their suggestion, I'm not offended of what they said and I'm not bothered at all. I just wanted to let them know that If I wore those clothes it will not be me anymore because I am not comfortable wearing those clothes. Trying new things also is not bad but for sure I'm not ready to wear those kind of clothes maybe someday.


laugh-your-heart-out said...

Funny post :)

MinnieRunner said...

Pareho pala tayo Carms eh. I don't go for revealing nor fashion trend clothes. I wear where I'm comfortable at. Jeans and rubber shoes defines me.

CaptainRunner said...

That's right Carms! We need not follow the trend. Set your own :)

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