Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good News

I finally got to see my mentor today the sad thing was I need to change my topic from thinking skills to Science awareness. It's okay I guess this new topic will be much easier than the previous topic. I need to research and read more books about environmental issues that is happening around us. I just hope I could finish my thesis proposal this summer so that I could have my defense this first semester. I'm tired of thinking of this unfinish business in school. I hoping that I will graduate by next year. Please do pray for me.


CaptainRunner said...

Will pray for you Carms.

Carms said...


your-lyric said...

Don't study hard..but study smart Carms.

MinnieRunner said...

Science awareness is but a cool topic Carms. Timely 'yan with what has been happening with our Planet.

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