Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Insane Woman

Last Sunday, I attended a mass at six o'clock in the evening. I was late so I stayed outside the church. Suddenly a woman went inside the church. She was wearing a brown knitted blouse. I used to see her walking around the church. One thing that stuck me was that she is a special person yet too ordinary to be noticed at. I saw a sad person in her. I wish I could help her. She might be smiling yet looking into her eyes I saw a suffering soul within her. then I realized that I saw myself in her. I'm moved to tears. I just then realized that I am as sad as her. I felt the pain in my heart. This woman is just one ordinary person. She always goes to church almost everyday I even thought she stays in the church. She is an insane woman who escapes from the pain she is feeling inside. People escape from pain. I for one tries to get rid of it, but I believe that running away and getting rid of the problems and pain is not a solution at all. Pretending to be fine would make the pain more painful. Being blind and apathetic would make one a numb person. Acceptance, humility, forgiveness and letting go would be the best thing that I always bear in mind. Acceptance of what happen, humility to accept what happen, to forgive those who hurt me and let go of the hurtful feelings I felt. We are all insane in this cruel world we live in but the only way to stick with our sanity is to trust in God and to be strong to every challenges, trials and difficulties we encounter in our way. I'm holding on to what I have right now. I keep on Loving those people who cared for me, Help those who need me and I always try to do my job well to make God happy and proud of me. Have a nice day. (",)


CaptainRunner said...

I believe in what you say Carms. Acceptance is really the key. But, that simple hard is just so hard to do most of the times. God Bless!

MinnieRunner said...

I love the way you describe what you felt Carms. Pwede siyang i-insert sa isang telenovela or movie. But what you felt is really enlightening right?

Vernz said...

Ako Carms murag dili pa hahaha! daghan ug angst... hahahah!

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