Friday, November 27, 2009

The Sun is Back

In the past few days my favorite song was..... Oh Mister Sun, Sun mister golden sun please shine down on me these little children are asking you to please come out and play with you Oh mister sun, sun please shine down, please shine down on me. Finally the sun heard my plea. It did finally showed up to me. There is no more mud, the water flowed and all dried up. I wish it won't rain that hard anymore. Now I could go anywhere, do whatever I want and have no worries in catching colds and cough. I still like rainy days but still I'm going to be happy when there is the sun. It radiates its energy in me that makes me more active and alive.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

It is really nice to see the sun shining Carms :D It is way more promising than the rain!

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