Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

If I'm situated in a western country I would prefer to have the treat than trick hehehe. Happy Halloween to everyone. I still didn't visit my love ones who are already have passed away probably I'll be going there tomorrow. I really did wonder where the dead souls are. I could feel them sometimes. Sometimes I would just got to ignore them but it is really scary. I told them not to make themselves visible to me because I would really scream hard as I could. I could hear them especially if I slept late at night or even at three O'clock in the morning. Last Friday, me and teacher christine did some encoding works in school that was almost 8pm while we were working, suddenly a big and heavy paste container just fell down from the table without anyone moving it. I just said that it's impossible. Lucky for me because I'm the only one who could feel their presence. Teacher Christine is a kind of person who really doesn't mind of the presence of these beings. She don't feel afraid of working so late in school because she really don't care of these beings for her they are always a part of the world and we should not be afraid of them. She is right but I wonder what she would really feels if she see and feel them. When I was new in school I actually go home so late because I have to fill in the big water container in the comfort room. Until one night the guard told me why am I going home so late that the fact is he told me that in my room there are unknown beings occupying my room. I got so scared then and from that time on I never go home so late if there are no urgent papers to be accomplished. Before,I refuse to believe that they occupy my room but the only thing that convinced me that they are there was when I commit an accident inside my classroom. Purely it is an accident but somebody told me someone did push me that is why I got a bone dislocation in my arm. Whatever that is I just I got to be aware that these beings exists. I got to always have FAITH in God and that He will always protect me. Happy Halloween. Enjoy the day.


Sismadi said...

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Yen said...

happy halloween!

puzzle said...

That's creepy Carms. Sabi mo nga sa akin, open ang 3rd eye mo. Ako, I never wanted to. Takot ako sa mga ganyan. But I do watch scary movies :P

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